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    Happy New Year everybody. 1 January 2015 starts a New Year in which we all get some more time to get it right. But, before everybody starts grumbling about me posting this in the Revolutionary War block I have some birthday news.
    1. Paul Revere is now 280 years old. He was born 1 Jan 1735 He was best known for working in silver, dentistry and the dubious warning ride through Lexington. Some interesting facts are included in the link below, including getting busted on the same night as his ride by a British patrol. Speeding ticket perhaps.


    2. Betsy Ross is now 263 years old today. Good looking lady in the picture for being born in 1752. She is accredited with sewing together the 1st bonafide American Flag. Again, a link.


    3. Last but certainly not the least. 1 Jan. 1776 the continental congress was re-established and on the same day Boston was under attack by the Continental Army. The above link handles that too. Again ........Happy New Year
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    Thanks for that. I think that it's important to remember our leaders in the New Year. It's always important to remember our past on New Year's Eve so that we can look forward to our future.

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