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Jan 7, 1952 (Age: 72)
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    1. Martin Jackson
      Martin Jackson
      The Report gives the conclusions for each accident, but not the detail of the actual aircraft involved. However, as it includes the Flying Training School where the accident happened, it is evident that 3 were on Tiger Moths, and 17 were on Harvards. This Report was included in "Exclusive Brethren", edited by Ray Jackson. I can email you a PDF of this Report.
    2. Martin Jackson
      Martin Jackson
      Hi Spidge, if you still need information on the RAAF fatalities in training in Rhodesia in WWII (as you were seeking back in 2009), I can send you some details from the RAAF Liaison Officer's Report. It lists 20 trainees killed in Southern Rhodesia, as well three fatalities in South Africa (D.I. Fraser, 402498, and T.E. Tighe, 401472, in a mid-air collision, and H. Sutherland, 401157, who drowned near George).
    3. Indigolady
      Hello, I tried to send you a private msg about my dad, it said your inbox is full, Thank you for your help :)
    4. Sarge
      Welcome Back!!!
    5. Oggie2620
      Sorry I didnt get to go to Bassingbourn on sunday. I wasnt very well and though I went (as I had promised to someone) to the 156 Sqn Reunion Service I was shattered and went straight back home. I will get to do them this Sunday though. You will be glad to hear that I found that I had not completely deleted the high res copies of the previous trip and I will download them onto a disk for you now I have rescued them from the recycling bin... I will need an address my friend to send them to. Will include the Sutton Bridge ones and the Bassingbourn ones (by the way I have some NZers to do as well) before I send it..
    6. Golden Wattle
      Golden Wattle
      Hi Spidge,
      I arrived back last night.
      Not sure you received the photo's in the email I just sent.
      Can't seem to drag them across.
      Do you have a private email I can send them?

    7. spidge
      Hi Dolphin,

      My apologies for not having noticed this message until now.

      I would be very grateful to receive that info.

      My address:

      Geoff Swallow
      11 Stanton Place
      Mill Park VIC 3082

      I am intending to write a piece on the interesting life and events of the death and famly of Thomas Sydney Ough Dealy.

      Do you have anything on him besides what is on this AIF site.

      Look forward to the lettebox drop!


    8. liverpool annie
      liverpool annie
      Where are you when I need you ??

      Photos are here but I can't post them ... so you'll have to send an email address !

      I have to say ... I think they're terrific !!

    9. Dolphin
      Good evening

      Knowing of your interest in the AFC, I was wondering if you might be interested in a copy of the article I've written for the Journal of the Australian Society if WWI Aero Historians. I've written a short account of the career of each of the 200+ men who died either during, or as a result of, their AFC service. The first installment was published in the 2008 Journal, and parts 2 and 3 will follow.

      If you're interested, let me know your address and a CD will find its way to your letterbox.

      Don't hesitate to decline if it's not what you need.


    10. liverpool annie
    11. liverpool annie
      liverpool annie
    12. minimaiden2710
      Hi Spidge
      I don't know if you are interested but Kyt asked me to contact you regarding some war graves that I have photographed in Chièvres, Belgium. He mentioned that you may like to see them. You will be very welcome to these. If you are interested I will send them on to you.
      Kind Regards
    13. liverpool annie
      liverpool annie
      Hi Spidge !

      I was really looking for a man named James Whitcombe and I found this one ... this is the one on my "Snippet " thread .... he's the only one I could find about the right age ...... I'm not sure if he's the right one .... but I thought I would try and follow him and see where he led me !! ... I'd appreciate any help you could give me !

      W/Op Air (pupil) F/Sgt Gwilym James Whitcombe 1229466 RAFVR UK 24 + Son of James and Laura Whitcombe, of Culmstock, Devon. Row J. 21B, grave 92, Culmstock Cemetery

      Thanking you in advance !

    14. Brian S
      Brian S
      Hi Geoff,
      I feel you have photos of the Headstones at Scopwick. I have located the lost burial ground in Lincoln and probably be there sometime next week.

    15. Brian S
      Brian S
      CD in Post.

    16. ME453
      Geoff, I tried to send you the photos of Ward and Terras' headstones using your hotmail account but it has bounced as an unknown address. What's the best way of getting them to you?
    17. spidge
      Hi Douglas,

      My apologies for not replying to your message sooner however I just noticed it today as it is a new feature to the site.

      Great to have ww2 vet on the site.

      I did a piece on Operation Alacrity a while back so if you want to check it for accuracy, we would be much obliged.

      You probably know my project is collecting photos of ww2 RAAF war graves.


    18. Douglas.Birch.
      Hi Spidge,
      I was in the Azores, aboard H.M.S.Fencer,operation Alacrity,we flew off all our aircraft to kick the base off.We were there for about 6 weeks.the US planes had to sport R.A.F. markings, so as they did not break the treaty that the
      Brits. had made with Portugal douglas.birch.
    19. spidge
      Thanks for that info Brian.

      You are too young to have a grandson on a war ship!!!!!
    20. Brian S
      Brian S
      Hi Geoff,
      just had a message notifying me of Charles Jagers Obituary. You may have read his book;Escape from Crete.
      The present H.M.S. Exeter is currently docked in Plymouth. My Grandsons Ship.

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    Jan 7, 1952 (Age: 72)
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    Widower with 2 daughters - Airlie & Ashley my Greatest Interest. Also World War 2 and history.

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    My project is the collection of over 11,417 Headstone/Memorial photos of RAAF/RAF Aussies located in 72 countries during WW2 + 360 from WW1. Can you assist?
    My Avatar is the colour patch (Blood & Bandages) of my Fathers Battalion in the 6th Division AIF.

    Gunner Frederick Edwin Swallow, "C" Company 2/8th Battalion, 19th Brigade.
    Critically injured in the taking of Tobruk on 21st January 1941.