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Discussion in 'World War 2' started by ABMM, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Looks Ok,
    Just a small point of concern on my part, I was allways from the understanding that Z Force was based in OZ and fought mainly through out the Sth West Pacific and East to Sth East Asia..including working from US Subs.
    So what i am getting too is why is this thread under Burma?
    Sighned a new guy who is just wondering out loud.

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    A very good point, Cobber. I've moved it to the Pacific.
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    No worries mate, a lot of these blokes landed on Borneo months if not years before the Aussie invasion to raise and train locals to fight a guerilla war as well as being a fifth legion when the invasion came. Many Aussie officers esp those of Brigadier and above were wondering, who are these unshaven Sargent's with their own private armies. One WO who was ranking soldier in a area was called to see the Divisional commander, he arrived at appointed time only to be told to get out and shave and get a hair cut and be called a undisciplined and a disgrace to the AIF.
    The General did not even know Z Force existed and attempted to place this WO under arrest, as he fought for his men and himself. Only to have more unknowns from Australia fly in in place of supplies and order him to be released immediately as he had been inducted as a Borneo native chieftain, a bit like Captain Peterson in Viet Nam.
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    Did I post it under Burma?

    Oops. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, some Queenslanders may have seen the 7 news bite on TV last night, so I thought I'd give this one a bump.

    As a matter of interest, on ANZAC Day this year, I was fortunate enough to receive a rare invitation to the Z Special Unit Association ANZAC Day dinner. During this dinner, I presented each Z Special present with a complimentary "Gold" copy of the DVD and have left a supply with the Secretary of the Association to be distributed free of charge to each SRD operative on the Association's nominal rolls who is still alive.

    During the dinner we had the footage playing on a big screen TV. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end watching the faces of these old Z Specials as they saw themselves and their mates as they were in 1944.

    I don't know if any members of this forum purchased a copy of the DVD, but if you did, we used the proceeds to fund the free "Gold" edition for the Z Specials. You've helped to make some old Warriors very happy and I thank you for that.


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