WWII Half-Motorcycle, Half-Tank-SdKfz 2

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    During War 2,a most identical and unique vehicle developed in Germany by June ’39.H E Kniepkamp was designing a multy-terrain vehicle,which ‘ll be efficient ,easy to handle and obviously enable to put for multiple tasks.He had a request of this.Some 8 thousand of such machine been produced till War-end and first handed over to Wehrmacht by mid’41.Probably many of you familier to infantry and support system know it as NSU SdKjz 2[Kleines Kettenkraftrad]-Kettenkrad HK 101[with modified reversible sprockets].It was then accommodated 3 personells.

    Had a speed of 40 mph,enable to navigate 50-60 degrees at mountain terrain or muddy-sloppy ditches with minimum-radius maneuverability made it lovable and unique.Its operational range was about 160 miles,carry 1.5 tons,with a power plant installed by Opel-Olympia 4 cylinder[liq-cooled]engine , made it strong.36 hp engine produced 3500 rpm[max].

    This magic half motorcycle-tank had an operational service in Eastern front,Western front and in North Africa.Its compact shape nicely fitted to awaiting Junkers[JU 52] to be shifted elsewhere.


    The Allies[specially US personnel] were much curious of it and many had ‘joy rides’ with a captured one.;)

    Interested may go to :1]www.kettenkrad.com

    2] http://www.militaryfactory.com

    3] http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/nazi_germany/kettenkrad_sdkfz2.php
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