WW1 Grave Marker Buhen Bernard 1914

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    This picture to me is very poignant ... can anybody add any more information about this soldier

    This soldier fought in Flanders Fields, he never returned to the Heimat. He was buried in one of the Cemeteries of Langemark, a small village just 4 miles north-east of Lepar. His grave was known as Number 230. Here he lay until the late 1950's. Then the 678 German War Cemetaries in the Lepar Salient were abandoned and all human remains were put in one of five mass graves that were allowed by the Belgian Government. These are called ''Kamaradengrab'', they contain many thousand fallen men. In Buhnens case, the remains were transferred to the ''Langemark Studenten Friedhof''. He rests there now with some 24,916 others. The ground of the former cemeteries were reclaimed by local farmers and the grave markers ended up mainly for construction or even as firewood.


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