Worst WW2 Movie or Series

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by spidge, Apr 5, 2008.

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    Monte Cassino by a long margin!
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    one called shock . bad pitcher very low budget bad acting
    best ratt..
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    Unfortunately, while I love Henry Fonda, Robert Shaw, et al., the film "Battle of the Bulge" just makes my skin crawl, a real klinker. I cannot tell at times if the action is in the Ardennes or North Africa. The equipment on the German side is downright unbelievable. The scene where the tankers snap their heads as the camera pans down the row of Waffen SS (?) is too contrived and weird, and Robert Shaw appears as some sort of zombied-out, blonde surfer phanatic. I do like the scenes dealing with the infiltrators, but Henry Fonda's nemeses, Robert Ryan and Dana Andrews, while playing curmudgeonly officers, both irk me to no end. Poor Henry.......While many will disagree, I just cannot watch this celluloid monstrosity. Fix
  5. war hawk

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    I absolutely love Battle of the Bulge.:amen:
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    It's entertaining, I'll give you that!

    Good on you, War Hawk. I would put it in the category of one of the funniest of WWII movies. Unfortunately, we also diverge in that you like Bill O'Reilly's work. Now, I could see him in the turret of a King Tiger or better yet, volunteering with Hanna Reisch to fly in one of the manned Fi-103's.

    Cheers, tongue in cheek here, Fix
  7. war hawk

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    Fixel 101, Sorry but I appreciate Bill O' Rielly views.:D
  8. Bad series and bad movies? Oh, man... most of them are bad, but then I'm pretty hard on most movies.

    Worst WWII Series: (tie) Rat Patrol and Combat

    Rat Patrol: This show shattered the long-held myth that it was actually the British who were in the LRDG and SAS. :doh: It also proved that there were massive German bases just over every sand dune in North Africa and that the Germans were too stupid to learn that after three seasons of being surprised by these dudes in jeeps (who carried not extra fuel or water) that they should maybe post sentries!

    Combat: Immaculate German soldiers in perfect pre-war uniforms conveniently standing in groups while grizzly Americans fired their Thompsons (with the 500-round mags) from the hip and got one-shot kills. As my Dad's old German pal (he fought with GD) used to say, "If ze Wehrmacht vas dis incompetent, ve would never defeat Poland!"

    Worst WWII Movie: Pearl Harbor I had to edit my post to include this waste of celluloid! It was Melrose Place meets the History Channel! I especially loved the part where it was daylight during the Doolittle Raid, in Hawaii and in DC... simultaneously!! Or the fact they dragged boy-toy #2's body all through China, around the world back to Pearl Harbor... and they arrived on a DC3! Dumb movie.

    Second Worst WWII Movie: Bridge Over the River Kwai
    This movie was a terrible insult to all the men worked as slave labor on the Burma railway.

    Second place: Hundreds...
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    Einzelkampfer: You must have watched "Gallant Men?" It was a contemporary of "Combat," although I can't remember if it was better, the same, or worse. Any recollection?

  10. I have no recollection of that particular TV show (did I just channel Hillary Clinton?). :D
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    Hi Fixel:nod: I liked the series Combat, and the Bridge Over the River Kwai. I watched Combat for a while and was mad when it was took of tv. As for the movie Bridge Over the River Kwai, that was a good movie the British pow turned a traitor because they [ the other pows] planed to destroy the bridge after all the work he did, The pows were in the process of destroying the bridge when he noticed the cord and followed it all the way to the plunger, and he attacked the man on the plunger and after he killed the man [ I think this is the best I can explain it for I have not seen it for a while] anmd then he came to his senses and the train started to go over the bridge and he pushed down on the plunger and dsestroyed the bridge. And I almost forgot the Japs threw him in the oven before all this happened and he suffered some burns and almost died of dehydration. I have not seen the movie for a while so I may not have been a 100% right.:bathbaby::biggrin1::biggrin1:
  12. fenquat

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    "that was a good movie the British pow turned a traitor " and later he became Obie Wan Kanobi (Alec Guieness played both roles).

    Best 'sound' in a war movie, tie between the Tank Fire in "Patton" and the general sound quality of "Kelly's Hero's"

    Worst war movie? It had been forty years since I had seen it last, it was free in the Sunday paper two weeks ago "The Dam Busters" Snooze fest with severly hokie 'special' effects.
  13. artifactsofmars

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    There was a real lulu called Hell in the Pacific some years ago. It had an American and a Japanese soldier stranded on some Pacific island. They were enemies at first but learned to cooperate to some extent in order to survive. The ending really came with (do I dare say it?) a bang. That is all I going to say about that beauty.
    The most interesting part of the movie is where the American guy is up in a tree and the Japanese guy is below him and, to be polite, the American gives him a shower. :p
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    inglorious bastards was pretty bad if you could really call that a war movie. but worse would have to be pearl harbor did they even read a history book!
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    Band of Brothers' the original European theatre of war. I love it! WWII movie and series is always great with Germans!
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  16. georgew

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    Pearl Harbor. The fighter sequence in the aftermath of the attack where they weave in and out of hangars and shoot down everything in sight is cinema comedy at it's best. 'Valkyrie' with Tom Cruise also was a disappointment considering I was looking forward to it immensely.
  17. Watson

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    Can't really comment on the movies. I tend to avoid "historical" cinema like the plague. Have never been a big fan of Hollywood's version of history.
    As far as television series go, I liked "Combat" until it went color. Just seemed abit more stark in black and white. "Gallant Men" was a pathetic attempt to ride on the coat-tails of the success that "Combat" was enjoying at the time. "Rat Patrol" was just another case of Hollywood rewriting history to suit its own ends.
  18. Diptangshu

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    Guns of Navarone('61) , Where Eagle's Dare('68) Omar Mukhtar('81) etc. are some movies I enjoy much.

    I prefer B/W movies based upon W2;other than W2 documentaries from various archives,National Geographic and History Channel fact files remain my prime attraction and I am fan of it.
  19. Diptangshu

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    Tora ! Tora ! Tora!['70] .. just killed my time I spent for..:rolleyes:
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    My favorite WW2 movie would have to be "The Longest Day'

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