World War I Deaths - New Mexico -1918

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    compiled by Howard W. Henry

    From the New Mexico Genealogist Military Issue, December 2003, pp. 235-238.

    While reading and indexing the Albuquerque Morning Journal for the year 1918, I discovered a listing appearing 11 December 1918, on page (B)1, naming 116 New Mexico men that died during the war. Sixty-five were killed in action, thirty-one died of their wounds, and twenty died of other causes such as illness or accident. I felt this listing may be of importance to the genealogical researcher.

    World War I Service records are available from the National Personnel Center (Military Records), NARA, 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63132-5100. NARA form SF180 for requesting service records may be obtainable from your local genealogical library. For further information, see, which gives specific guidelines and restrictions for obtaining military service records, and includes a downloadable form.

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