Why are tanks still sitting ducks in front of the aircraft?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Technology & Equipment' started by vashstampede, Jan 24, 2015.

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    Commander Aghart, it is obvious you are partial to AFVs. I doubt I or anyone can change your mind to this topic which is so dear to your heart. I think the wise option at thispoint is just to awknowledge each each other's point of view and arguments and agree to disagree.
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    That's assumed there is only one chopper rushing at a large formation of enemy armors. :) I wouldn't think it is a good strategy to begin with. In the case of a large scale warfare, there has to be more than just one chopper attacking. In such case, enemy tanks no only have to worry about multiple choppers, but also have to deal with ground threats.
  3. This once again brings us back to the large scale events. In these events there would be several measures any attack chopper would have to get through before even getting close to any modern armored column. Since the favorite example is the first Gulf War I will continue to use it. The coalition forces had air superiority which made the advance a little easier. Without air superiority you cannot move armored columns easily for this exact reason. This is a reason why most modern forces push for air superiority before going in with ground troops. However, there has not been a good match for coalition forces to run into heavy air resistance for many years if not decades.
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    1.The tank gun stabilisation system keeps the gun level, it is not a "magic eye" that follows the target wherever it goes, the gunner has to do that by tracking the target in his gun sight.
    2. If a chopper flies straight for just a few seconds it can be brought down, The tanks computerised fire control system helps provide the firing solution for the gunner.
    3. A tank rangefinding laser will hit it's target for a few seconds at most, "if" and i mean "if" a helicopter detected this it would have to take evasive action or die, if it's taking evasive action then it's busy protecting itself instead of being a threat to armour.

    Despite the total coalition air superiority in GW I an Iraqi Tank Battalion commander stated, I started the war with 38 T72's, after 28 days of the air war I still had 32. After 20 minutes with the 2nd Armoured Cavalry Regiment, I was down to 0. Tanks are designed and built to fight a ground war, and yes they are better at destroying tanks than destrying aircraft.
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    Though I'm no exprt regarding strategy, but I understand atleast the Differences between ground and aerial warfare....!
    Its not too hard to pulling incidents like where tanks/afvs have counted their kills (skillfully) as well as been killed by aerial attacks too. There are many pros & cons .. some are discussed above.
    From my point of view, it could be like who acts first .. must laugh at last, yes I believe !
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    I know Vashstampede is no longer on this site, but if he was I would be asking him about the lack of success and the very heavy losses of helicopters in Ukraine. Lots of tanks knocked out, but how many by Helicopters?

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