Why America Lost the Vietnam War

Discussion in 'Vietnam War' started by GearZ, Aug 30, 2016.

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    Hey all. I just finished watching this rather somber and poignant documentary on the war in Vietnam. I thought I'd pass it along in the event others find it interesting.

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    Well .... but simultaneously a Question may be asked simply that what would have happened if America had won the War??
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    It would have been impossible to win a war in which the supply lines of the enemy could not have been cut, and where our ally could not win the support of a huge block of it's own people. On the other hand, in Korea, land reform won the hearts and minds of most South Korean citizens, hence the war was a stalemate, but not a loss. Again in Korea, we saw that our government was unwilling to risk war with China and Russia to cut the supply lines.
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    The North Vietnamese was getting unlimited supplies from both Soviet Union and China. Not only weapons and ammunition, but also enough food to free up their manpower from the rice fields. If it was just North Vietnam on its own, it wouldn't have lasted long.
  5. Thanks for sharing the link. I will have to look into this later for sure.
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    I've watched this and numerous others on YouTube. They all seem to point to American politics that lost the war overall. I still say with or without the help the North Vietnamese received, it all came down to the Vietcong or Vietkong, they won the war on the battlefield by destroying moral of the American, Australian, Chinese and South Vietnamese soldiers. The Cong had been fighting in the jungle for years against the Chinese, French and now America and it's allies. They had traps, tunnels, weapons caches, underground rivers and the Ho Chi Minh Trail, by it going into Cambodia it allowed alot of supplies heading south, since Amercia couldn't really go into their country. The Vietcongs had the ability to disappear into tunnels during a bombing run and then turn back up fighting. That would destroy any army's moral as well.
    In my eyes the American public forced the politicians, moral killed the soldiers. Just my view, that's all.

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