Who will you honor this Veteran's Day?

Discussion in 'Memorials & Cemeteries' started by Gin0710, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Gin0710

    Gin0710 Member

    I will honor my husband who served in Iraq, my grandfather who served in World War II and Vietnam. I will honor my dad and brother who were both in the Air Force and my uncle who was in the Navy.
  2. DancingLady

    DancingLady Member

    I will honor my uncle. He was in the Air Force. He is actually the only member of my family to be in the military. My grandfather tried to join the air corp, but was rejected because of flat feet, of all things, and he already had a pilots license too. I think that's kind of a silly reason, but my grandma was pretty happy about it.
  3. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    When it comes to family, I will be honoring many of my direct ancestors from great grandfathers to grandfathers to Dad to hubby who all served in the military. I currently have a nephew who has done many deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan with Special Forces, so I will be honoring him as well.

    Outside of family, I will be honoring the nearly 11,000 people who died at the Battle of Gettysburg because once again I will be in town and it will be even more special because it will be Veteran's Day.

    I plan to walk through the National Cemetery that day even though I know that a shockingly large percentage of the names on the headstones are totally wrong and other things in error. There are still soldiers there whether or not the names are correct.
  4. Gin0710

    Gin0710 Member

    I really feel like I need to put more effort into how I spend important days like Veteran's Day and Memorial Day. I feel like taking a day off isn't enough. I'd like to plan a trip to Arlington someday. I thought it was a moving place. A great place to honor our veterans. I might start an Army Wives marathon this weekend instead. :cool:
  5. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    Both things sound nice, Gin. I enjoyed Arlington the times I was there... there's such a feeling of patriotism on those grounds.

    I'd like to hear more about your Army Wives mara...... Uh... hehe Ooops, that's a TV show, isn't it? We cut the cable two years ago and I thought you meant you'd be planning an event with other Army wives. Silly me... but hey, it would have been a nice thing to do, too, no?! :D
  6. Gin0710

    Gin0710 Member

    I was never really involved with FRG when my husband was in the Army. I tried but I think the FRG was more for families with children, not-so-much newly-weds, plus I think a lot of people thought I just married my husband for the money. Which I didn't. Still married 11 years even after our first year separated by a war. Yea, but Army Wives is a television show and a good one. If you have Netflix you'll be able to check it out. It's a tear jerker.
  7. preacherbob50

    preacherbob50 Active Member

    Army wive's marathon? It sounds like a stateside soldier who is busy "consoling" the wives of the over-seas soldiers. Shoot the sorry individual.

    Anyway, the official vets day is past, but I lean toward every day a sort of vets day. For whatever reasons, there's always some guys on my mind from the past that I have a lot of honor for.

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