What were the most used methods to get out of the draft?

Discussion in 'Vietnam War' started by JulianWilliams, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. JulianWilliams

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    We all know there were plenty of people that avoided the draft and i was wondering what methods did they use? Did they go to Canada and take the risk of never being able to return to the US? Did they try to fake injuries?
  2. People could get out of the draft for a variety of reasons. If they could get a doctor (not even psychiatrist) to say they had a mental-illness, they would be rejected. Poor eyesight could get you out. Being overweight. In some cases I have heard people could get out if they could prove that their absence was a hardship on their family. If they were the sole provider, for instance. I don't know if that is accurate or not, but I have heard it.
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    A lot of people got out by being in college and maintaining good grades. That wasn't an option for those who couldn't pay tuition though. I know one of my moms cousins was exempt because of hay fever and other allergies.
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    I joined the reserves (I had contacts). I was in a large field hospital unit. I can remember getting so irritated with some of my fellow reservists (not all, just a few) that I was secretly wishing we got activated. I have started to feel that we should consider some sort of Universal military training to build a large reserve force, and perhaps create a better pool for the active military. Having more of the general public understanding the military could be beneficial.
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    My buddy's dad was afraid of being drafted. So what did he and his brothers do? They joined the air force in hopes they didn't see any actual conflict and engagement. True story. Why dodge the draft and the military, when you can join the air force and lessen the chance of some serious enemy engagement.
  6. Being Canadian I have heard stories of people going both ways over the border. Canadians going over to fight and Americans coming here to dodge the draft.
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    A family from my street who emigrated to Australia returned to the UK prevent the oldest son being drafted into the Australian Army and sent to Vietnam.
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    Actually, Ted Nugent tried to make himself sick to avoid the draft. I find this amusing, since this self proclaimed "macho man", supports guns, hunting, and patriotism so much. I guess we all make foolish mistakes when we are younger. :rolleyes: Shouldn't he get the Jane Fonda treatment? :mad:

    I think people should go into war with the intention of maximum fighting. I figure you could even die in a safe position, so why not be brave and take a dangerous position?
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    If one was a member of the historic peace churches (e.g., Quaker, Mennonite, Amish, Brethren in Christ, etc.), one could avoid military service, but would have to do civilian work instead. I know quite a few people did that during Vietnam. Though the way it was handled in terms of farming out the work was different than the Second World War.

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