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Discussion in 'World War 2' started by Antipodean Andy, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Keith

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    Hi Sniper,
    If you like what you read about this very heroic lady, the highest decorated of the 39/45 war, then try to find her own story, The White Mouse.
    This will give you a fuller account of her activities which were so essential to the success of many of the maqui operations.

    Keith DCXLX.
  2. sniper

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    Hi Keith,
    I will certainly give the book a read if i can get hold of it. If anyone has any other SOE's members names who have written a book i would be interested in hearing from you.

  3. sniper

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    Hi All,

    From reading the book Nancy was a very brave lady who was not only intelligent but also had wonderful leadership skills. For one, i would of loved to of served with her had i been around then.
  4. Keith

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    Hi Sniper,
    If you enter Nancy Wake into your search engine and press enter, you will have loads of info at your fingertips.

    There are many entries to this brave, magnificent, very gutsy lady who was so proud to be a Kiwi.

    Keith DCLII
  5. Keith

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    sub001.jpg Hi All,
    Just about finished "One of our Submarines" by Edward Young.
    A gripping and well written story of the adventures of an RNVR officer in wartime.
    If you see it, buy it and read it.

    Keith DCXVI
  6. Bald eagle

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    "The Road Home" detailing first hand accounts of soldiers on the front line in WW1 & their reaction to the news of the Armistice. Very sad some of it but also surprising as to some of the comments like "What are we going to do now that the war is over"? The trenches were for some a way of life considering a minority of them had been in the firing line for four long years, unbelievable. It also gives accounts from civilians, POW's and other sections of society at that time. Good read.
  7. Maddy

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  8. georgew

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    Just reading "Twelve days on the Somme" by Sidney Rodgerson. Quite simply a magnificent description of what life was really like in the trenches, very little direct action but the constant fear from artillery or an enemy you can't see. The simple joys of soldiers getting a hot cup of tea is really brought home to the reader.
  9. I just finished "The Jericho Sanction" by Oliver North. Next on my list is a re-read of "Star Wars Rogue Planet", and then either "Assassins" by Oliver North or "Gideon's Torch" by Charles Colson
  10. cavtrooper

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    That one looks good.As we all know,the ANZACs were some bad boys,and contributed immeasurably to the war.I served with an Aussie liason officer at Fort Lewis,and his grandfather had served with the ANZACs.
  11. jonathantaylormusic

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    Reading 'Please take care of Bethany' - PC Brian Wilkinson. WW2 romance and espionage - Bombing raids over Sofia, Bulgaria. It's completely FREE so download a copy. Love to know what you think? https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/281527
  12. Rigby44

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    What is Military History ? Stephen Morillo (2012)
  13. donno5

    donno5 commando kid

    reading Sandakan by Paul Ham,, harrowing Over 2000 British and Aussies POWS ,6 came home
  14. muscogeemike

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    FIRE IN THE SKY, The Air War in the South Pacific, by Eric M. Bergerud.
    Very, very good read and most informative.
  15. GusBell

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    The Other Eisenhower - by Di Tillo and Campana - a novel based on a real security breach at the War Office just days before D-Day. A real page turner.
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  17. edgar hernandez

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    a trully history surviver's men about, is trying to rise but we need a hand with that.
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  19. Robert Jablonski

    Robert Jablonski New Member

    I read "the rise and fall of the third reich". very intriguing...
  20. Robert Jablonski

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