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Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Kate, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Kate

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    There's going to be video this morning (I assume live coverage since that's part of the link, but I should confirm that) of President Obama presenting the posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor for 1st Lt Alonzo Cushing. I'll be watching here at 11:30 EST:
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  2. preacherbob50

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    Gotta love ya Kate. You got to it 4+ hours before I did. I posted a link telling the whole story though. Margaret Zerwekh is the 94 year old lady who did all of the research on Cushing and has been trying for years to grab a posthumous medal of honor for him. She says that Cushing literally saved the Union. I have to find out some more......happy reading.
  3. Kate

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    One of the perks of daily insomnia and waking hours too early. :) I like to keep on top of things concerning my beloved Gettysburg. I'll be visiting (remind me to post a pic!) Lon Cushing's monument, small and unassuming as it is, next week... most likely on Veteran's Day. It's good to know more of the story... every person who fell there has a story and I want to know them all. Considering my database now has nearly 10k of the names and stories, I'm well on my way!

    The White House ceremony was very nice... anyone else here get to see it? It's on YouTube if not.

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