Warbirds and Classic Aviation in Brazil

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    The following link shows a full report and lots of pictures taken during a visit to the Museum of TAM, the largest aviation museum in the world maintained by an Airline. To access it, please, type in google the following words "aviacao floripa museu". It's the first link.

    Hope you enjoy the photos and I count on your visit and sorry for the inconvenient!
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    Vale a pena verificar.
    I've two favorite museums, dedicated to the military aviation and probably they are belonging to the first line . I'm talking about the Wright-Patterson AFB, OH/Dayton. I think its the only one that have Wrights' one military model as well as the latest stealth too! It is the only museum that have most of the presidential aircrafts.
    My another favorite one is the Alberstadt of Dresden ie., the Central Museum of the Bundenswehr, very very dedicated one .... muito obrigado ..
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    I just visited the Tuskegee museum in Alabama. It's about 15 minutes south of Auburn Alabama on I-85. I have to say that this place is a gem. It was nothing but a run down place with a small community airport and small museum and now it's a National museum with refurbed original buildings, hangers, AMAZING displays and more. I have some images on my phone I will try to post later. My family is from the Auburn area and I have to admit that this was probably the 4th time in almost 50 years that I've visited. It's been completely redone in the last few years.

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