Troop Ships from Britain to Le Havre France

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  1. zrmldj

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    I have been searching for a online website to help me find the name of the troopship that took my grandfather from England to Le Havre France in 1916. He was taken on strenght by the 75th CEF Battalion on November 14th, 1916 at West Sandling Camp and landed in Le Havre the following day (Nov. 15, 1916). I have the ship names for his crossing from/to Canada but have not been able to find a site to help me determine his crossing to France.

    Your kind assistance is appreciated.

  2. sniper

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    Hi Larry

    Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure a website exists that would list the ships taking units over to France. Have you tried the Battalion war diary to see if its listed in there?

  3. forester

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    Hello Larry,

    The 75th Battalion were already in the thick of it then, so there are no details in the war diary on how the drafts arrived. The only draft in late November is of 150 men who arrived in Bouzincourt on 22nd November, but didn't actually join up with the Battalion until it picked them up there on the 26th.

  4. Richard Landers

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    Not sure if there were any records except within unit-specific logistics logs regarding specific vessels that carried troops from England to France. In general, these boats were fast channel-crossers pressed into service rather than full-sized troop ships of the magnitude that carried men from Canada and the U.S. across the Atlantic.

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