Tribute to victims of Taiwan PoW camps

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    Tribute to victims of Taiwan PoW camps - Shields Gazette

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    Tribute to the POWs . . .

    Your story must be told because your courage -- and your heroism -- was what led us on to victory.
    Your victory was measured in your survival; and in maintaining your faith and your loyalty to your country, when the reward for maintaining that loyalty was continued starvation -- and death.
    Your strong heart, great spirit and unyielding faith served as an inspiration to the rest of us. You placed honour before everything, even before having a whole self.
    You absorbed with your own bodies the blows that were intended by our enemies for our nation and its people, and you sacrificed your own freedom for the freedom of the world.
    And finally, you returned from your service, regained your rightful place in our society, and strengthened your families, your communities, and our nation through your example of courage, and loyalty and continued good citizenship.
    We owe you a debt that can never be repaid -what you did must not, and will not, ever be forgotten!

    Courtesy American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor - Adapted

    Never Forgotten - The Story of the Taiwan POW's

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