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    The Brit's say they won wwII by cracking the German enigma code, The USA won that war and the poles broke the code first.
    Brits would be sprechen sie Deutsch if not for AMERICA, so eat you fish and chips and shut the f up!

    'Bletchley Park doesn't deserve all the code-cracking credit': Poles claim they worked out Enigma code FIRST
    · In 1932, a group of cryptologists from the Polish Cipher Bureau found three ways to decipher Enigma
    · Poles handed their findings to British and French intelligence in 1939

    · Polish government passes resolution in honor of their three code-cracking mathematicians
  2. William Peterson

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    I was born in 49, My father was in the Navy with my uncle Bill. They served on a sub chaser.

    The two men I loved the most. My uncle was a big influence in my life as he was a mechanic and worked on Indy cars in the pits for Pat Flaherty and AJ Foyt. He taught me everything about cars. I was a wrench in the ARMY 63b30 And for 25 years I supported my family with that skill. Almost every man in Niles at that time was a vet. I saw the effect the war had on those men. Heavy drinking, Bad tempers, Gamboling and bad dreams. My father woke me every knight screaming at to top of his lungs. He never told me what his dreams were! I was in during Viet Nam. I kept filling out dream sheets picking all three choices as V.N but being the Army they never sent me. Maybe I was lucky but I felt I belonged over there. The men of WWII paid a big price to win that war. I realize the allies were a big part of the victory, but we won that war. I get upset when I hear the English saying "the Brit's won that war" England was almost wiped of the face of the map before we entered the war. I love England but they don't like us to much. I basically had no father due to that war but I still loved and respected my Dad. Thanks for listening to my ranting and God bless every one of the brave me from WWII! Thank you for your service.
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    Welcome to the forum. And thank you for your service, even if you never saw combat. Actually, be thankful you avoided combat for as I understand it, it changes a person and never for the better.

    I, too, served. I also avoided combat. I kept telling everyone I had allergies -- I am allergic to flying lead. But I did serve. As the title says I was an interrogator, among other things. And my role kept me far behind our own troops.

    As far as the breaking of the Enigma goes, there is glory and fame enough for all those concerned. While it is true that the Poles were the first to puzzle-out a part of the Enigma secrets, the mystery was so large and evolving that it took many, many bright people from several nation to keep the flow of information open. And there were many low-level clerks, functionaries and drone who daily contributed their tuppence of value to the collective machinery of code breaking without fully understanding the big picture.

    The "factory" at Bletchley worked on more than the narrow spectrum of the code traffic that the Poles were working on before the war. Besides the Army codes, the boffins branched out to cover Air Force, Naval, Weather, Diplomatic, and even Italian codes and cyphers. And beyond just reading such traffic they had to figure a way get the Intelligence to the decision-makers and Commanders who needed it.
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    It's not just the British who forget about the other allies then?
  5. Diptangshu

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    '' The intelligence .. from you (Bletchley Park) .. has been of priceless value. It has saved thousands of British and American lives and, in no small way, contributed to the speed with which the enemy was ... forced to surrender .. ''
    ~ Gen Eisenhower
    '' It looks as if Bletchley Park is the single greatest achievement of Britain during '39 - '45, perhaps during the 20th century as a whole .. ''
    ~ George Steiner
  6. William Peterson

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    This is all true, The victory was a celebrative effort. I know the action of the world was necessary. I don't take anything away from any of our allies. I just believe war at this point is a money churn for government. I'm not naive, I just don't want my grandchildren to get caught up in the hell. Maybe man someday will evolve to a state of love and caring about something other than power. This new world order concept is frightening. I pray the people will see that and keep it from going into effect. I still have hope for mankind. Thank you all for your opinions, It helps me put things into perspective.
  7. groundhugger

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    I thought the Russians had a hand in it somewhere ?
  8. Interrogator#6

    Interrogator#6 Active Member

    For all my extensive reading and research the Soviets were NEVER told the secret of the Boffins of Bletchley Park. In fact, while they did occasionally receive the benefit of Ultra, they were never told the source of said intelligence. Remember that even US/UK commanders in the field were in the dark as to the source of this special Intelligence, lest the secret get out.

    I spoke with the Special Intelligence Liaison officer who supported Gen. Devens in the south of France. He told me Devens was disturbed that he had been ordered to carry this odd unit in his HHQ. They were treated like unwanted visiting relatives, until, this officer was able to give reliable Intelligence that all the German troops in front of Devens were to retreat the next day. After that they got A-1 status for the rest of the campaign, even though Devens did not know the source of this special Gold-plated Intelligence.
  9. Interrogator#6

    Interrogator#6 Active Member

    Oh, during the Great War the Russians captured a copy of the German Naval Code which was immediately forwarded somehow to the British Admiralty. Perhaps this is what you were remembering.
  10. 51highland

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    "Daily solutions of Fish messages at G. C. & C. S. reflect a
    background of British mathematical genius, superb engineering ability, and
    solid common sense."

    The Special Fish Report
    1st December 1944
    Albert W. Small
    U.S. Signal Corps

    (thanks Geoff at WW2Talk )
    Which probably helped your relatives hunt the subs.!!!!! (51 Highland)
  11. groundhugger

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    The Russians certainly captured lots of German security apparatus in their march towards Victory, and something the Russians were not security clueless:)
  12. Normandy

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    Well this sounds like trolling.

    But to answer you as a Brit who emigrated to America, let me tell you that not one country alone was responsible for the allied victory and you yourself fail to mention some of the main players. I find many American who consider that the war started in 1941 which to me encapsulates this nations understanding of world events.
  13. fred page

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    How dare you criticize anybody that doesn't suffer from your inherent jingoism. I'm tempted to use the term stupid, ill informed yank, but that would be unfair to your countrymen.
    I am English or British, whichever you like and I would certainly NOT be speaking German without your contribution. I may however have been speaking Russian because they were going to win with or without your support.

    Three things won WW2
    British resolve
    American money
    Russian Blood
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  14. Normandy

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    I think the American money bit may be incorrect. How about American loans?
  15. Alexander

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    Not wishing to indulge in childish who did or did not nonsense much based on no more than 'headline history'. The true facts of ' lend lease' The H.R. 1776 (!) act of congress 1941 lays out the facts, lend lease by the US eventually extended to 35 nations. We also had to pay back loans by the Canadian government - much was 'gifted' by both nations:

    Canadian parliament second session (September 1939):
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