Sub-Lieutenant Cecil Law - "H.M.S. Indefatigable"

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    In Memory of

    H.M.S. "Indefatigable.", Royal Navy
    who died age 21
    on 31 May 1916
    Son of Trophina Law, and the late Robert Law. Born at Glanmire, Co. Cork.

    Remembered with honour

    Second Battle Cruiser Squadron 2 battlecruisers (Indefatigable sunk)

    There is a Memorial Inscription in Deansgrange Cemetery, Blackrock, Co. Dublin for Sub-Lieutenant Cecil Law (22), who was killed when "H.M.S. Indefatigable" was sunk at the Battle of Jutland on 31st May 1916.

    HMS Indefatigable

    2nd Battlecruiser Squadron as flagship of the British Mediterranean fleet.
    August 1914 spent unsuccessfully hunting SMS Goeben and Breslau.
    18 August became flagship of Dardanelles squadron.
    3 November 1914 bombarded Dardanelles forts.
    24 January 1915 left for refit at Malta.
    14 February 1915 left Malta for home waters.
    20 February joined 2nd Battlecruiser Squadron of the Grand Fleet.
    31 May 1916 sunk by SMS Von der Tann at the Battle of Jutland.
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    Sub-Lt Laws ship - the Battleship HMS Indefatigable.

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