Squadron Leader 'Pat' Pattle

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    Squadron Leader Marmaduke Thomas St. John "Pat" Pattle, DFC & bar, (3 July 1914 – 20 April 1941) was a South African born World War II Flying ace for the RAF.


    The best on-line biography of Pattle:

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    Some photos from his biography

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    A couple more (the quality of the pictures, including fading and bleaching, reflect the quality of the originals and not the scans)

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    Always been fascinated with Pattle, particularly his consummate skill in the Glad and his involvement in the Greek campaign.

    Third photo of the first batch - "these six were responsible for downing more than 100 enemy aircraft" or words to that effect. Wow. Looks like a Glad wheel and tyre in front of Sgt Gregory's boot!

    Little view of a Bombay in the second batch and what must have been a moving ceremony - Pattle's father receiving his son's DFC.
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    See attachment

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