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    I'm looking for any news about Squadron Leader A.H. (Tony) Tomlin DFC with 2 Bars, AFC. He served two and a half tours of duty on Lancasters from 1943 to the end of the war. I've found him with 617 Squadron at Woodhall Spa but after that the trail goes cold..........
    The reason for the interest is that he was a teacher after the war at my old school, Bancrofts in Essex, also interested are his ex-colleagues from Stamford School. Sadly he died shortly after his retirement and we wish to commemorate him properly.

    Any help, news or suggestions are very welcome. I've got all I can from Lostbombers etc.

    Many thanks, Matt
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  2. Kyt

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    Matt, what is the source of your information. Tomlin is neither listed with 617 (their ORB is pretty comprehensive for transfers in and out of the squadron), nor was he awarded an AFC. His retirement notice in the LG in the early 1960s only make mention of the DFC(s)

    His DFC and bar were awarded with 619 Squadron. After the war he was in the Training Branch.
  3. Dave Barlow

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    As the AFC was placed after the reference to the DFC(s) maybe he meant his arm of service - which should be RAFVR.

    Here is a bit of info on the gentleman in question:

    (Commissioned from the rank of Sergeant)


    To be Plt. Offs. on prob. (emergency): —

    1260811 Anthony Herbert TOMLIN (111497). 3rd Aug. 1941.


    Plt. Offs. (prob.) confmd., in appts. and to be Flg. Offs. (war subs.) :— 3rd Aug. 1942

    A. H. TOMLIN (111497)


    Flg. Offs. to be Flt. Lts. (war subs.): — 3rd Aug. 1943

    A.H. TOMLIN (111497).

    Air Ministry, 18th January, 1944.

    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following award :

    Distinguished Flying Cross.

    Flight Lieutenant Anthony Herbert TOMLIN (111497) Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 619 Squadron.

    Air Ministry, 25th January, 1944. (Read the citation for the DFM for Brookes)

    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallantry displayed in flying operations against the enemy:

    Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross.

    Flight Lieutenant Anthony Herbert TOMLIN, D.F.C. (111497), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 619 Squadron.

    Distinguished Flying Medal.

    991981 Flight Sergeant Albert Edward BROOKES, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 619 Squadron. On the night of 16th December, 1943 this officer and airman were pilot and flight engineer respectively of an aircraft detailed to attack Berlin. When nearing the target area the aircraft was attacked by fighters and one of the starboard engines was put out of action and it caught fire. Quick work by Flight Sergeant Brookes extinguished the flames and, although much height had been lost, Flight Lieutenant Tomlin flew on to the target and bombed it. On the return flight, Flight Sergeant Brookes displayed great engineering skill and his efforts proved of material assistance to his pilot in his endeavour to reach this country. On reaching base, a second engine failed but Flight Lieutenant Tomlin effected a successful crash-landing without injury to any of his crew. This officer displayed outstanding determination and devotion to duty; Flight Sergeant Brookes displayed similar qualities and proved himself a valuable member of aircraft crew.

    30 JANUARY, 1948


    SPECIAL LIST. (For Service with the Army Cadet Force). Essex.

    Anthony Herbert TOMLIN, D.F C (381887), to be 2nd Lt , 26th Nov 1947.
  4. Matt G

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    Hello Kyt and Dave,
    Many thanks for your replies and information, its very much appreciated!
    My initial information came from a school magazine published in 1948, he was listed as having an AFC.......
    Kyt you're right it was 619 Squadron, my typing error!!!!!!!

    Many thanks again, I'll keep on searching.
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  5. Matt G

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    Morning All,
    Has anyone got any further ideas or information about this gentleman? I've drawn a blank since our last message, as I'm not a next of kin I'm blocked from gettings service records etc. released. Also as Tony never married finding a next of kin is next to impossible..............
    Tony was my fathers Latin teacher at school after the war, my Dad knew him well and firmly believed that he completed two and a half tours on Lancasters but all I can find is his service with 619.
    I'd be REALLY grateful for any further help or advice, many thanks,
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    As you note, Tony died soon after retirement. I understand that the RAF assocation named a room after him at their Stamford club. His papers etc from his RAF days were taken to the RAF museum at Hendon. Tony was one of 5 brothers and one sister and only one brother is alive, but in a nursing home in Norfolk. Their father was an Anglican vicar and for a larger part of his ministery was rector of Schole in Norfolk. His mother, Doris (nee) Millar, has twin sisters - one married Algernon Willis (Admiral of the Fleet) and the other married Clem Attlee. Tony was in regluar correspondence during the war with Clem and I have at least one letter from Clem referring to one of Tony's DFC awards. I am Tony's youngest nephew.
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  7. John Tomlin

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    I am Tony's nephew, son of 'Tommy' Tomlin his elder brother and I was with my farther when he took the log books and medals to the Hendon museum. With the items is the account of the bar to his DFC which he received two weeks after getting the award for landing his Lancaster EE150 after a bombing raid on Berlin. I have been in touch with them recently as I intend to research all the brothers war time history as Tommy Tomlin was a reserved occupation as he worked for Imperial Airways in the Mediterranean and was posted to Malta assigned to the RAF, Tony Tomlin DFC, Pat Tomlin was in the Army, in Tanks, David Tomlin Royal Navy and the youngest Paul Tomlin who joined up at the end of the war. They came through and I think it will make an interesting story to piece their lives together through this period. Any information would be gratefully received. John Tomlin
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  8. Bruce

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    Hi, just came across this thread today while trying to find out more on the Tomlins. I'm a nephew of the youngest of the siblings, that is of Paul Thomas Tomlin (b.1926), and I'm doing a family history. So I too would be really grateful for any information on them all.

    I met Tony Tomlin only on one occasion that I can remember, when I was a young lad in the 1970s, just after he had retired. All I knew about him then was that he had just finished as a teacher, was a really nice gent, engaging but modest, who I instantly liked, and that he had served 'in the army' somehow during WW2. He showed me the leather holster for his pistol and I can remember the child's conversation I had with him. So this thread has been a real revelation so far!!!

    I'm away from home right now (without my notes) so from memory I can say that Paul was living in Bushey, Herts during the war, he was trained as a wireless operator by the Post Office and joined up in the RNVR. His future wife Janet Brook (b.1923) was from Bushey too and in the WRNS latterly during the war. Back in civvy street when they married, in 1950, he was a 'Clerical Officer' and I think possibly some kind of accountant later on. They had 4 children but divorced in 1981 and he quickly remarried Mary Lambert also from that area.

    While doing research I came across this link which has a small bit about Paul in it:

    I knew Paul claimed to be a relative to Clem Attlee, but to be honest on our side of the family we half thought our legs were being pulled!

    Please keep me in the loop,
  9. John Tomlin

    John Tomlin New Member

    Hello Bruce
    Clem Attlee was at my parents wedding, drop me a line with your contact details and I would happy to put you in touch with members of the family who know a lot more than me.
  10. Pat Sawyer

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    Hi I am Tony Tomlins niece. I had many a happy holiday in Stamford with my uncle and spent many happy hours swimming in the school pool and playing with the Riley boys and family. He came and spent school holidays with us and every Christmas, mostly playing cribbage and cards with us children. He is still very much missed by us all even after all this time. I still have my uncles medals upstairs in a drawer, but don't really look at them very much. His elder brother David was my godfather and he emigrated to New Zealand. His two eldest children sadly are now both dead and his youngest son (adopted) now lives in Australia, but we still keep in touch. His sister, Christine to us and my brothers godmother, use to live in Aylesbury and along with Tony came to use for holidays for many years but sadly died about 20 years ago. My father Paul, was quite close to the Atlees and Richard Atlee got me my first job. The Brassington family (my fathers cousin Margaret, my godmother, but now sadly dead) are still in close contact to them.
    I know you know all this John but might be some help to Matt G.
    Pat Sawyer (nee Tomlin)
  11. Pat Sawyer

    Pat Sawyer New Member

    Bruce is mums sisters boy John
  12. Pat Sawyer

    Pat Sawyer New Member

    Hello Who is this? I am Pauls daughter Pat
  13. Trevor Baker

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    I own three visitors books that belonged to Admiral of the Fleet Sir Algernon Usborne Willis & Lady Olive Christine Millar. I am researching the signatures. They include Paul Thomas Tomlin (whose career can be followed by the dates and addresses he gave), Anthony Herbert Tomlin, D ? Tomlin and many of their relatives. I'd be delighted to provide a scan of the visitors books and a list of the signatures that I've identified so far (over 1,300 with several hundred to go).
  14. Trevor Baker

    Trevor Baker New Member

    Just found two more (dated 27 May 1950): Jodie and David Tomlin.
  15. Trevor Baker

    Trevor Baker New Member

    I've obtained a copy of a 100-page biography written by Admiral Algernon Willis. I've turned it into a searchable PDF and am working my way through it.

    I just found this interesting piece on page 9:

    "Towards the end of April (1940) I thought the outlook was pretty grim so decided to send the girls [his daughters] home by air - facilitated by Cecil Tomlin who was Imperial Airways manager at Malta. They left on 29th April and flew by Tunis and Bordeaux not long before the Germans invaded Holland and Belgium. It was very sad to see them go."

    In an earlier part of his biography, he said, [that his]

    "... wife couldn't come [to Malta] as she had to look after an ageing mother and a young motherless nephew. His daughters were despatched overland under the wing of his secretary's wife, Fifi Watch. It was a thrilling trip for them and a nice relaxation for me. They both found jobs."

    Cecil Tomlin is also mentioned on page 47, but I haven't got that far yet.

    I have now completed my analysis of the 2,000 signatures in the Willis visitors' books and am happy to look up any names.
  16. John Tomlin

    John Tomlin New Member

    Cecil Tomlin was my farther and I would be very interested in any other entries in Admiral Algernon Willis Biography regarding him. John Tomlin

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