Sq 201 ~ The Aztec Eagles.

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    Sq 201 which popularly known as the Aztec Eagles, attached to the USAAF 5th AF's(58th Fighter Group) became famous by their offencive role during the liberation of Luzon in '45.
    The Mexican Expeditionary AF once formed with 38 able pilots and 260 crews (cosidering the then situation, we shouldn't say only) with P 47 D Thunderbolts, had set a record of 1300 fl hrs over 60 missions in the South Pacific, mostly towards leberation of the Philipino people along with the tactical and bombing mission support of US troops. Out of 38 pilots(2 died during training crash) 20 of them received US Air Medal.
    Fighter pilots Col Carlos Garduno, Cap Miguel M Arreola and ground crew Cap Manuel C Ramos honored for their efforts by the Defence Department. However only 10 of them are still with us! A salute to their bravery..
    Anyway, Sq 201 was an elite and volunteer unit of which the pilots received adv training in the US. This lead to the final kick out the Japanese and with the mighty support of US, the Filipino people became free from the Japanese occupation.
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    Many years ago I read of a 1SG with the 201st who, prior to joining the Mexican AF, had been a US Airborne Infantryman and had jumped into N. Africa and Sicily. His would have been a great story but I could never find any information on him.

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