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    This badge was first issued from 1916 until 1922 in the region of 1,150,000 badges were issued. Entitlement was gained on leaving the service through being disabled by wounds or sickness and by old age.

    Those entitled to the award of the badge were officers and men who served for at least seven consecutive days from Aug 4th 1914. It would be wrong to say its a Wound Badge as most of the recipients received it due to sickness then being wounded.

    The Badge bears the inscription "For King And Empire" & "Services Rendered" around the border with the crown and cipher of King George V in the centre. The reverse has a number and or a prefix and stamped on it.

    First Issue:
    Sept 1916 until March 1918 serial No 1-360,000. 1st type (Horizontal pin & catch).
    March 1918 until Sept 1918 serial No 360001-450,000. 2nd type (Vertical pin & catch).
    Approximate number of badges issued 450,000.

    Second Issue:
    Aug 1918 until Dec 1919 serial No B1-B350,000 all numbers prefixed with a "B". 2nd type (Vertical pin & catch).
    Approximate number of badges issued 350,000.

    Third Issue:
    Dec 1919 until April 1920 serial No 01-05,000 all numbers prefixed by the latter "0". 2nd type (Vertical pin & catch).
    Approximate number of badges issued 5,000.

    Fourth Issue:
    Dec 1919 until June 1922 serial No 450,000-525,500 2nd type (Vertical pin & catch).
    Approximate number of badges issued 75,000.

    Silver War Badges issue to a the Army are in WO329.

    The Badge was issue with a certificate of issue in a box from the Record Office of there unit. Line regiments were grouped in geographical regions around the Record Offices and given an individual code.

    Any code with an * I have a copy the SWB Roll.

    Royal Irish Regt.*
    Connaught Rangers.*
    Munster Fusiliers.*
    Leinster Regt.*

    Royal Dublin Fusiliers.*
    Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.*
    Royal Irish Fusiliers.*
    Royal Irish Rifles.*

    Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry (DCLI).
    Wiltshire Regt.
    Hampshire Regt.
    Dorset Regt.
    Somerset Light Infantry (SLI).
    Devon Regt.

    Royal Scots.
    Royal Scots Fusiliers.
    Scottish Rifles.
    Highland Light Infantry (HLI).
    Kings Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB).

    Queens Regt.
    Middlesex Regt.
    East Surrey Regt.
    Royal Sussex Regt.
    East Kent Regt.
    Royal West Kent Regt.
    Cyclist Corps.
    Kent Cyclist Battalion.

    South Staffordshire Regt.
    Leicester Regt.
    Notts & Derby Regt.
    North Staffordshire Regt.
    Lincolnshire Regt.

    Gordon Highlanders.
    Black Watch.
    Cameron Highlanders.
    Seaforth Highlanders.
    Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.
    Highland Cyclist Battalion.

    Lancashire Fusiliers.*
    East Lancashire Regt.*
    Border Regt.*
    Manchester Regt.*
    Loyal North Lancashire Regt.*
    Liverpool Regt (Kings).*
    Royal Lancashire Regt.*

    South Wales Borderers (SWB).
    Kings Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI).
    South Lancashire Regt.
    Welsh Regt.
    Cheshire Regt.
    Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
    Monmouth Regt.

    Northamptonshire Regt.
    Norfolk Regt.
    Suffolk Regt.
    Cambridge Regt.
    Hereford Regt.
    Essex Regt.
    Bedford Regt.
    Huntingdon Cyclists.
    Non-Combatatant Corps.

    Gloucestershire Regt.
    Worcestershire Regt.
    Royal Warwickshire Regt.
    Berkshire Regt.
    Oxfordshires & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (O&BLI).

    King's Royal Rifle Corps (KRRC).*
    Rifle Brigade.*

    Yorkshire Regt.
    East Yorkshire Regt.
    Durham Light Infantry (DLI).
    Northern Cyclist Battalion.
    Northumberland Fusiliers.
    West Riding Regt.
    Yorkshire & Lancashire Regt (York & Lanc)
    King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI).
    West Yorkshire Regt.

    London Regt.
    Royal Defence Corps.
    Honourable Articllery Company (HAC).
    Royal Fusiliers.

    Other Record Office codes.

    C.G. Coldstream Guards.*
    G.G. Grenadier Guards.*
    S.G. Scots Guards.*
    W.G. Welsh Guards.*
    I.G. Irish Guards.*
    G.M.G.R. Guards Machine Gun Regt.*

    H.C. Household Cavalry.*

    C.C. Cavalry Records (Canterbury).*
    Dragoons & Dragoon Guards.*
    King Edward's Horse.*
    Bedfordshire Yeomany.*
    Berkshire Yeo.*
    City of London Yeo.*
    County of London 2nd.*
    Derbyshire Yeo.*
    Duke of Lancashire Own Yeo.*
    East Riding of Yorkshire Yeo.*
    Essex Yeo.*
    Fife & Forfar Yeo.*
    Glamorgan Yeo.*
    Hampshire Yeo.*
    Hertshire Yeo.*
    Lanarkshire Yeo.*
    Lincolnshire Yeo.*
    Lothian & Border Horse.*
    Lovat's Scouts.*
    Montgomeryshire Yeo.*
    Norfolk Yeo.*
    Northampton Yeo.*
    Queen's Own Glasgow Regt.*
    Scottish Horse.*
    Shropshire Yeo.*
    North Somerset Yeo.*
    Surrey Yeo.*
    Sussex Yeo.*
    Yorkshire Dragoons.*

    C.Y. Cavalry Records (York).*
    Ayrshire Yeo.*
    Buckinghamshire Yeo.*
    County of London 1st.*
    County of London 3rd.*
    Cheshire Yeo.*
    Camel Corps.*
    Denbigshire Yeo.*
    Devon Royal 1st.*
    Devon Royal North.*
    Dorset Yeo.*
    Gloucester Yeo.*
    Irish Horse North.*
    Irish Horse South.*
    Kent Royal East.*
    Kent West Yeo.*
    Lancashire Hussars.*
    Leicester Yeo.*
    Northumberland Yeo.*
    Nottinghamshire Yeo.*
    Notts Hussars South.*
    Oxfordshire Yeo.*
    Pembroke Yeo.*
    Somerset Yeo West.*
    Staffordshire Yeo.*
    Suffolk Yeo.*
    Warwick Yeo.*
    Westmorland & Cumberland.*
    Wiltshire Yeo Royal.*
    Worcestershire Yeo.*
    Yorkshire Hussars.*

    The Corps & Others

    R.A.P.C. Royal Army Pay Corps.*
    R.A.V.C. Royal Army Veterinary Corps.*
    B.R.X. British Red Cross.*
    C.M.G. Machine Gun Corps Cavalry.*
    H.A.C. Honourable Artillery Company.
    L.C. Labour Corps.
    M.F.P. Military Foot Police.*
    M.M.G. Motor Machine Gun Service.*
    R.A.O.C. Royal Army Ordnance Corps.*
    R.A.S.C. Royal Army Service Corps.
    R.A.F. Royal Air Force.( there are about 4 pages in the file)
    R.A.M.C. Royal Army Medical Corps.
    R.A.V.C. Royal Army Veterinary Corps.*
    R.D.C. Royal Defence Corps.
    R.E. Royal Engineers.
    R.F.A. Royal Field Artillery.
    R.F.C. Royal Flying Corps.*
    R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery.*
    R.G.L.I. Royal Guernsey Light Infantry.
    R.H.A. Royal Horse Artillery.
    S.of.M. School of Musketry.*
    T.C. Tank Corps.*
    M.P.S.C. The Military Provost Staff Corps.*
    Q.A.I.M.N.S. Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service.*
    V.A.D. Voluntary Aid Detachment.*
    W.A.A.C. Women's Army Auxiliary Corps.*
    Miscellaneous units*

    The Royal Navy.
    The SWB for the RN is in ADM171 the records take the form of applications and issues. As the badges are all numbered, the easiest way to research a badge is to find the roll that covers the badge number. This will give you the name,rank or rate, service No and date of issued.
    ADM171/173 Officer's Applications*
    ADM171/174 WRNS Applications*
    ADM171/175 Ratings Applications A-D*
    ADM171/176 Ratings Applications E-K*
    ADM171/177 Ratings Applications L-R*
    ADM171/178 Ratings Applications S-Z*
    ADM171/179 Ratings Applications A-D*
    ADM171/180 Ratings Applications E-K*
    ADM171/181 Ratings Applications L-R*
    ADM171/182 Ratings Applications S-Z*
    ADM171/183 badges 1-10200.*
    ADM171/184 badges 10201-20440.*
    ADM171/185 badges 20441-30580.*
    ADM171/186 badges 30581-45800.*
    ADM171/187 badges 45801-48600 (includes lists of returned badges).*

    Royal Air Force.
    Although quite a few SWB were issued to members of the RAF, the only surviving roll is in AIR 2/197/C33296*

    The Board of Trade.
    The SWB for the Mercantile Marine can be found in MT9/1404* SWB list of recipients.
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    That's terrific Roy ! .... thank you !

    Annie :)
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    Here is a list of files on the award & issue of the SWB to the RN,Army,RAF & MM.

    (WO) Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies.

    (CO) Records of the Colonial Office, Commonwealth and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, Empire Marketing Board, and related bodies.

    (MT) Records created or inherited by the Transport Ministries, and by related bodies, and by the London Passenger Transport Board.

    (AIR) Records created or inherited by the Air Ministry, the Royal Air Force, and related bodies

    (T) Records created and inherited by HM Treasury.

    (ADM) Records of the Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies.

    WO32/4969 Question of discontinuation of issue of Silver War Badge (Issued to men discharged from the forces through ill health or injury) after cessation of hostilities.

    CO 37/262/8 Information Forwards the 'nominal roll of non-commissioned officers and men of the Bermuda Contingents who are eligible for, but have not yet received the silver war badge'. In response to circular despatch 20 March 1917.

    CO 137/729 Information Letters from the War Office, miscellaneous government offices, and individuals relating to despatches sent from Governor Probyn in 1918. Correspondents and subjects covered are as follows: War Office: expenses contingent; case of Mr E W Dunn, formerly second lieutenant, Northumberland Fusiliers, Special Reserve; General Blackden, family's passports; strikes in Vere; silver war badges; militia artillery; payments to discharged British West India Regiment.

    CO 323/720/35Information Claims to Silver War Badge: conditions of applications applying to officers and men belonging to oversea contingents, other than those of self-governing dominions and those residing in colony; includes printed copy of Army Council Instruction No 1793, 1916.

    CO 323/720/42 Iinformation Issue of Silver War Badge: Army Council concurrence in announcement that Mr Bonar Law proposes to issue to the press; it is further noted that it is intended to issue the badge to qualified members of local forces whether English or native; includes printed copy of Army Council instruction No 2041, dated October 1916.

    CO 323/726/32 Information Issue of Silver War Badge: copy of Army Council Instructions as amended on 28 October 1916. Original Correspondence From: Colonial Office. Folio(s): 377-381.

    CO 323/756/22 Iinformation Silver War Badge: entitlement. Original Correspondence From: War Office. Folio(s): 161-176.

    CO 323/756/41 Information Silver War Badge: list of claimants. Original Correspondence From: War Office. Folio(s): 285-287.

    CO 323/757/7 Information Silver War Badge: amendment to instructions regarding grant of award. Original Correspondence From: Colonial Office. Folio(s): 177-184.

    CO 323/759/40 Information Silver War Badge [not in item; dummy sheet only]. Original Correspondence From: Colonial Office. Folio(s): 363.

    CO 323/781/12 Information Award of Silver War Badge to Lieutenant C J Jeffries, 3rd Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment. Original Correspondence From: War Office. Folio(s): 117-118.

    CO 323/785/30 Information Issue of Silver War Badge: amendment of conditions. Original Correspondence From: War Office. Folio(s): 665-671.

    CO 323/785/30 Information Silver War Badge: conditions governing award. Original Correspondence From: Colonial Office. Folio(s): 271-276.

    Mercantile Marine
    MT 23/766Information War Service Badges. Suggested issue of silver war badge to officers and men of the mercantile marine if they relinquish employment on account of wounds and injuries.

    MT 9/1132 Information Awards (Code 6): Silver War Badge.

    MT 9/1242 Information Awards (Code 6): Silver War Badges - Awards and conditions.

    MT 9/1404 InformationAwards (Code 6): Silver War Badges - List of recipients.

    MT 9/2110 InformationAwards (Code 6): Silver War Badge - Cessation of issues


    AIR 2/197 Information GIFTS, DECORATIONS AND AWARDS: BADGES and CRESTS (CODE A, 32/1): Silver War Badges.

    AIR 30/1Information Conditions of Award of the Silver War Badge to members of the Royal Air Force.

    AIR 30/36 Information Conditions of Award of the Silver War Badge to members of the Royal Air Force.

    Royal Navy
    ADM 171 (see the above lists).

    T1/12287 InformationBoard of Trade. Issue of silver war badges to officers and seamen of merchant or fishing vessels sunk or damaged in wartime.
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    Hi Roy !

    What other information does it give you on the roll ?

    I have the MIC and it gives the SWB list number ... would anything else be added ?

    Thanking you in advance

    Annie :)
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    I recently discovered a photo of my grandfather wearing his SWB and his brothers in uniform.

    I have been trying to track down information about my Grandfather's service in the war and only knew his regimental No. from medals and his Silver War Badge No. However I believe you may have further information that you may be able to give me. My Gradfather is - SMITH, J.R., No. R/1356, 10th KRRC. Silver War Badge 258085. Any info you can give me would be a great help.

    Many thanks, Kit
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    Hi Kit and welcome !! :)

    Can you tell us what you know about your Granddad already ? ( just so we don't go over old ground !! :) )

    How lovely to have a photograph ... and of the brothers too ! ... have you been looking for them also ?

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    Here's a pic of the one that came down from the family, although I know not as to whom!

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  8. Kit

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    Hi Annie,

    Thanks for v fast reply!

    My Grandfather
    John Rudolf Smith joined up in 1914
    He joined the 10th (Service) Battalion of The King’s Royal Rifle Corps
    Regimental No.R/1356 - taken from his medals

    He appeared on Casualty List HB.332, on 28th June 1916
    SMITH, J.R., No. R/1356, 10th KRRC

    He was awarded the 1914/15 Star, the British War Medal, the Victory Medal and The Silver War Badge No.258085

    I'm guessing he was injured in the Battle of Mount Sorrel

    I do know he was wounded by shrapnel in his knee and was carried on the shoulders of an unkkown soldier from the battlefield. He spent the next 2 years in hospitals having numerous operations - refusing to let them remove his leg.

    Exactly when he joined up - was injured - left the army where he was in hospital etc I do not know.

    any info copies of documents and/or general info would be great.

    Many thanks,

  9. liverpool annie

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    There are a few people who frequent this forum who are much more expert than me .... but I'll see what I can find OK ? ( while we are waiting for them !! ;) )

    I'd love to see the photo - if you'd like to share it with us !!

    Annie :)
  10. scrimnet

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    The number on the rear is 129418

    If anyone has access to the records pse!
  11. Kit

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    Hi Annie,

    The photo shows, from left to right, my Grandfather John (with SWB), brother Albert in the Navy, brother Harold in the Hampshire Regiment and sister Vera. All three brothers survived the war Jack died at 68, Albert 88 and Harold 81. I do not know Harold's regiment and so it's hard to find out much. Albert I know much more as he wrote a book about his life when he was 80.


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    I have e-mailed the casualty list to Annie for you HB.332. Gunshot right knee,admitted Sandgate Military Hospital 28th June 1916. Do you have the list number for his SWB as I can send that to Annie as well for you.

  13. liverpool annie

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    OK Kit ! ... here we go ! ........ I had to make it smaller to get it on here !! :rolleyes:

    but PM me your email and I'll send you the big one ! ( wouldn't you know it ... the man you want is underneath the messy bit on the page !! :p )


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  14. Kit

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    Annie, that's great - thanks

    I'm hoping the number you mention is the number on the actual badge

    The Silver War Badge No.258085

    - Last night reading his brother's book I discovered that Albert (Jack's Younger Brother) was present when the Germans scuttled their fleet at Scapa Flow in 1919!
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    Hi new to this forum !!!, i have been reading Themonsstar info on the SWB, forgive my ignorance can he advise me, i have a riddle concerning my wifes father a ROBERT CARTMELL who we believe was in the 1WW, having searched the Medal Card index we think we have found her Dad by way of illimination, & narrowed all the R/C, to a Robert Cartmell in the Royal Lancs Reg No: 13573 Rank: S/j 1914-1915 he was awarded the British/Victory/& Star medals, also the Silver War Badge No: H/851/2 was in FRANCE. can you check your Roll to verify this fact !!!!!!

    Can you or some one possibly be able to give some advise as to where i can obtain further data, concerning R/Cartmell, e,g, we know he was wounded, therefore would there be medical records available to substanciate his injuries, as we do not have a great deal knowledge of R/Cartmell apart from his Birth: 1889 & his Death in 1954, & his marriage to my wifes Mum in 1944, very little is known of this man !!!!!, as my wife was 4 years of age when her parents split up, & he died when she was 7,

    I would be most grateful for any advise & comments Thank You Redbert
  16. mm1

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    would first of all like to congratuale you on your fascinating post on silver wound badges.i have often wondered how to begin researching these and you have offered up some excellent onfo. wondered if you could help me with one i've recently purchased as a group to west yorkshire regiment - number 332503.i am hoping this swb is to a robert siddle, but any info would be much appreciated.


  17. Julie Anderson

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    I have just discovered a silver war medal numbered 13905. I would love some help in finding who was awarded the medal. As I am in Australia a trip to NA is impossible although desirable :)
  18. Hi, I'm a new member and interested in why someone is not listed as a recipient of the SWB when they appear to fulfill the criteria?

    My grandfather suffered a GSW to the hand serving in France and following 90 days rehab in England was posted to a holding Bn prior to being discharged in 1919.

    Harvey Alfred Burch
    16th Bn Rifle Bde

    I cannot find any reference to him having been awarded the SWB and am intiged if there he was? Any info greatly appreciated.
  19. Andrea Forde

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    I am searching for SWB number 2649 (F Davison) - any info gratefully received

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