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    Sidney Edward Mowll, 147800, was a Private in the 5th battalion of the Canadian Infantry. He was born in Dover on 30th December 1890, and his mother was Emily Maud Mowll of 20 St Andrews Terrace, and later 5 St John's Road, Dover. He was the eldest son of the family, his father being Councillor George H. Mowll. He was five feet eight inches tall, with brown eyes and fair hair, and was a member of the Church of England who predeceased him.

    He was working as a clerk in Canada when he enlisted on 10th July 1915, but had a previous service record. He returned to England with the third Canadian Contingent, and was drafted to the first. He was reported missing and believed killed on 6th June 1916, at Hill 60, Belgium, during, as a contemporary report put it, "the glorious attack where the Canadians recaptured the lost ground at Ypres". His remains were found and buried on 12th June, and he is recorded as having died at Hill 60, and been interred at the Railway Dugouts Burial Ground in Belgium. His father had predeceased him, and he was "deeply mourned by his sorrowing Mother, Brothers, and Sisters".

    There were two further brothers serving with the second contingent. One, Private G H Mowll, the second son, had joined in 1914. He was badly wounded and maimed for life while on the Somme in September 1916. He was returned to England to recuperate, and remained in hospital until he was left for Canada, arriving on 1st April 1917, to complete as far as possible his cure.

    A fourth brother was in the Merchant Service, and his vessel was torpedoed in the Bay of Biscay. He was fortunate enough to be rescued and landed at Falmouth.

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    In Memory of
    Private S E MOWLL

    147800, 5th Bn., Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)
    who died
    on 06 June 1916

    Remembered with honour

    Here are the medal cards of his brother ....

    Medal card of Mowll, W R

    Canadian Infantry 71622 Private

    Medal card of Mowll, W R

    Canadian Army Unit/Infantry attached Canadian Army Unit/Infantry Brigade 71622 Private

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