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    I work with a guy who back in the 70s & 80s he was in the army.
    His first stint was during the troubles in Ireland but most of his interesting stories come from when he was stationed in Hong Kong and trained Jungle Warfare.

    One of his stories comes from an interesting and clever tactic the Vietnamese would do against the Americans.
    Each time an American unit would make camp they would wire up claymores to be triggered by tripwire. Apparently the claymores explosive spread would come out at a 45 degree angle in one direction, so they would be set to face out and away from the camp.
    Apparently the Vietnamese would sneak to the camp, change the directions of the claymores then sneak away. Later that night they would fake an attack and make the Americans run into the wires setting off the claymores back into their own camp.

    The guy I work with is known to get a bit mixed up somtimes (age!) so he might be mistaken on it being claymores.
    i just thought it was so clever.

    Does anyone else know any clever tactics from either side worth sharing?
  2. Yeah that sounds about right, I believe I have heard of an instance or two where that has happened. The Vietnamese were very clever, in fact this was the war that really kicked off the use of booby traps as they were so easy to hide. I am sure we would be able to find examples of more instances if we did some digging.

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