Service to commemorate Force Z

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by Antipodean Andy, Dec 18, 2007.

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    A very sad incident well remembered!
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    The Krait??


    Clarify something for me please, is this the same Force Z which involved Ivan Lyon, Gordon Highlanders and British and ANZAC special forces in the attack by midget subs on Singapore harbour?

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    Hugh in the film that I am watching about it dated 1988 they arrived in canoes after travelling most of the way on the MV Krait. Dont know how accurate the film is but it seems very fair. I also have a copy of Heroes-the return. Whether that is the Rimau incident or not I am not sure but will let you know when I watch it. Both the films are over 190 minutes long!
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    I believe and a quick look at Wiki and on another site Department of Veterans' Affairs home page say that the men after traveling on MV krait transfered to collapsible(?) canoes, which they row many KM's to set up their FOB on Sudar Island at harbour entrance. Then into harbour.
    On operation Rimau they travelled on a submarine HMS Porpoise then commandeered a Junk (Junk crew taken aboard Sub) which they traveled in till challenged by Japanese and a gun fight started.

    I have always thought ( and I use some hind site) that operation Rimau was destined to disaster, although the Japanese apparently initially and for some time blamed local guerrillas (for Op Jaywick) who they persecuted, however after interrogating so many people who had no idea about it they must of come to the conclusion of possible even probable Allied activity, so they would of been more open to such activity being repeated. A similar operation some where else in the Japanese controlled area might of been successful.
    I have heard but have no reference that Lyons wife was being held prisioner in Singapore, is that true?

    Has anyone seen any photos of the damged ships?
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    This question from Hugh was quite along time ago however the answer is:

    Aftermath of Operation Jaywick:

    A daring mission, Operation Jaywick resulted in the sinking or serious damaging of seven Japanese merchant ships totaling around 39,000 tons. Encouraged by the mission's success, Lyon began planning Operation Rimau. A larger version of Jaywick, it was launched in October 1944, but was largely a failure and resulted in Lyon's death and those of his raiding party. On October 10, 1943, the Japanese arrested fifty-seven civilians and internees on suspicion of playing a role in the attack. Dubbed the Double Tenth Incident, those detained were interrogated and tortured, with fifteen ultimately dying in Changi Prison.

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    There is a reference in the film Cobber that she was in Changi Jail. In it he received notification just as he was leaving to go on the operation... Dont know whether that was dramatic license to do it then but it must have made him happier if so. By the way he thought she was dead because right at the start of the film he had been told that she & his son had been killed when the ship they were on going to Bombay had been sunk.

    It must have been a long old haul back from Singapore to the Krait cos the film shows it taking about a day and a half....

    I havent watched Heroes the return yet but will feedback when I have done so!


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