Sacrifice of the 1st Minnesota Infantry at Gettysburg

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  1. Kate

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    Location: Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg
    When: The afternoon of July 2, 1863
    Who: General Hancock's 2nd Corps... 1st Minnesota Regiment

    Hancock's dilemma: He saw a line of Confederates approaching. He knew he didn't have enough troops and had been waiting for reinforcements.

    Even bigger dilemma: Sending in troops as a sacrificial diversion would buy him some time until the reinforcements arrived.

    (Now digressing for a moment... who would EVER want to have to make that kind of decision?!)

    Hancock's decision: Ordered the 1st Minnesota to charge to buy some time.

    1st Minnesota Troops: They knew they were being sacrificed. They had no complaints about it and went willingly. They knew their lives would be traded to hopefully save the Union line.

    Bottom Line: It worked... but what a high cost.
  2. Interrogator#6

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    The feat was the 1st Minnesota though is suffered tremendous casualties, they STOOD. Yes, they turned the first wave of attack all by themselves. Alas, there would be a second charge, and the 1st Minn.'s was little noticed outside Minnesota.
  3. Kate

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    Some of them remained "standing," yes... long enough to be sent in to help with the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble charge the next day. You're right, so many of the sacrifices were totally overshadowed by that one.

    I stood there yesterday morning. And last night... walked part of the charge route across the field. There's a certain feeling on that site that never goes away. You been there, Interrogator#6?
  4. Interrogator#6

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    The main reason why any of the 1st Minn. were available on 3 July was their detachment on the 2nd for Provost duties.

    No, I have never traveled much, so have never been to ANY CW battlesites.

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