Russia as an enemy?

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  1. broers04

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    here's one for all of you, what would have happened if the U.S. and britain did not support russia and even helped germany some how it the defet of russia? think about how things would have turned out if japan launched the attck on russia as they were directed to by germany to to pin down thier 40+ divisions that were latter used in the winter attack from moscow. What would have happened if germany go 4 million truks to join the attack in russia and the middel east.
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    Russia would have been crushed, an attack from the east would force the Elite eastern units of the Red army to commit to Manchuria to neutralize the second rate threat of Japan. The continental Japanese armies would put up stiff resistance despite being outclassed. This would however buy the Germans enough time to successfully assault Moscow. This would drive the western armies into disarray and the approaching Eastern armies would be under attack from IJA from Manchuria and then the Luftwaffe en route from Siberia (due to the airfields around Moscow). In the meantime the Germans, under supervision from (most likely) Model would dig in and defend Moscow. Due to the fall of Moscow the Stavka would have no permanent base of operations and any major offensive would be a planning and logistical nightmare. So in short the Soviets would be crushed if the Japanese agreed to attacking Russia's east.

    As of the British and American question, it would firstly be incredibly unlikely for them to help the Germans (Britain was still at war of course) and even if they did send supplies they wouldn't have made that much of a difference as Germany had become very self-sufficient and had enough material reserves to keep a war going for a few years. If japan did attack I'd say the war would have been won by say mid '42.

    Also after the fall of the Soviet Union the British and French empires would be easy pickings as German units could be released into the middle east through the Caucasus and the full power of the Luftwaffe could be released on Britain (possibly with revised tactics)

    But that's just my opinion
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    yes, thank you, see I have sent the last 35 years looking at what would have happened IF, and I even devised a game that proved russia would have been done by 42, witch would have leed to a quick peace in the west.
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    You sound like the rantings of Hitler when he said
    'All we have to do is invade and the whole rotten lot will collapse like a pack of cards'

    Firstly, Hitler totally misjudged Russia. He underestimated their capacity to edure hardship. Remember, these people were well used to it, years of it under Stalin and Bloody Nicholas.
    He misjudged the terrain, the weather, the sheer size of the country, their ability to produce weapons and their virtually unlimited manpower.
    As to Japan invading? No thanks was their attitude, they'd had enough of Russia after only two weeks fighting in 1938 when they very quickly and sensibly sought an armastice.

    Barbarossa had failed miserably by October 1941 and by the end of the year the long treck back to Moscow had begun.

    Hitler bit off far, far more than he could chew and it cost him the war, period.
  5. bniziol

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    Very well said. Historians like to mull over which battle was ultimately the beginning of the end for Germany. The war was IMO lost on June 22 1941 the moment they crossed into the soviet union.
  6. DancingLady

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    I think Russia would have ultimately lost, but it would not have been as easy to defeat them as it may have seemed. Russia has a history of not being easily defeated. Napoleon sure found that out the hard way. Russia being defeated would have seriously changed the course of history though, but I don't know that we can make a very good guess about what would have happened after such a defeat.
  7. GearZ

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    Its not a particularly realistic "what if" scenario, but if the combined forces of the Axis, the British Empire, and the United States attacked the Soviets in the early stages, they would have been ground into powder. Germany, and her erstwhile allies, did breath-taking damage in the early stages of the Eastern Front. With backing from the western allies, Stalin and crew wouldn't have stood a chance.

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