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    Hello, I am new member, albeit known to some of you from other Fora.

    I am researching the 70+ fallen members of Rosslyn Park FC rugby club.

    We have a total number72 to aim for as mentioned in a local news cutting, but no names. Some 700 names in the club minutes book have been cross-reffed with CWGC, and other address records like census etc. Others have turned up in team photos, Times match reports, or even obituaries mentioning Park, despite not being in the minutes ( and so paying their subs!), so our final total may even be higher.

    Our project is to create a new memorial for them, as the original seems to have been lost somehow.
    If you are interested the full story is at

    We have 3 internationals who are well-documented on this forum - all 3 played in the Eng v France game in 1914, where 11 of the 30 players perished in the Great War.

    Many players turned out for more than one club, so if any rugby experts can link other names with Rosslyn Park through their research, that is most welcome.

    When we say 'we shall remember them' we mean it, and the worst would be to leave someone off the new memorial.

    Many thanks for reading


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