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    I just received the latest catalog from Dover Publications. They have a very nice Rev War activity kit for children.

    Among the items are: a George Washington coloring book, Uniforms of the American Revolution coloring book, Story of the American Revolution coloring book, Heroes and Heroines of the American Revolution, and Life in Colonial America. Patriotic stickers are included, along with a poster to color, crayons, and a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Everything is packaged in a nicely illustrated box. The coloring book illustrations are highly detailed, fine-line drawings...not at all childish. Those of you who might be interested can visit Search "Revolutionary War Discovery Kit" or enter the item number: 0-486-47356-2. The price for the kit is $19.99.

    At a time when U.S. History does not seem to be a favored topic in education, it's nice to see a product like this available for children.

    Pamela Jo

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