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    My grandmothers brother, William Derrick served with R.H and R.F.A and on enlistment in 1905 was with the 137th Brigade RFA and later in 1919 on discharge 98th Brigade RFA He joined in Bristol.
    Can any one tell me which regiment he was attached to? and where he was in WWI
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    The Royal Field Artillery (RFA) did not have regiments until 1938-1939. From 1905 to 1919 it was made up of Brigades that were composed of Batteries.

    In 1905 the RFA only had 50 Brigades so that he could not have been serving with 137th Brigade at that time. I would guess that he was serving with 137th Battery, RFA which in 1905 was part of 33rd Brigade, RFA at Kildare.

    During the Great War 137th Brigade, RFA served with 22nd Division. It went to France in September 1915 and was in position on the Amiens - St. Quentin Road until entraining for Marseilles in October 1915. It then went to Salonika where it served for the rest of the war. It took part in the retreat from Serbia, 8-13 December 1915; the battle of Horseshoe Hill (SW of Dojran) frin 10-18 August 1916 and the battle of Machukovo from 13 -14 September 1916. It later took part in the Battle of Dojran from 24-25 April 1917, 8-9 May 1917, and 18-19 September 1918.

    Gunner 1
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    Hello Gunner 1
    Thank you for your reply. Looking at his service record it seems that he was with the 98th Brigade and transferred back to reserve in 1919
    Have posted the relevant pages which are not very informative as to where he was. BritishArmyWWIPensionRecords19141920_D_De_Der_24_52560558.jpg BritishArmyWWIPensionRecords19141920_D_De_Der_24_52560560.jpg BritishArmyWWIPensionRecords19141920_D_De_Der_24_52560561.jpg BritishArmyWWIPensionRecords19141920_D_De_Der_24_52560563.jpg BritishArmyWWIPensionRecords19141920_D_De_Der_24_52560564.jpg
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    Hello pink ling
    Do you know where I could find the type of records you have attached above? I'm looking for more information on John Oswald Blackburn RFA Driver reg. number 233267 corps 301.
    many thanks
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    Hi ElaineRW also new to this but we have found a lot of soldiers records on Ancestry, also try Forces war records site but sadly a lot of records from ww1 were lots in the air raids in ww2 also you can try National archives
    hope this helps
    bless them all
  6. Hi Elaine and bless them all. In regards to research I have been looking at http://www.longlongtrail.co.uk/ for basic stuff but it can lead to several other websites that can help as well.

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