Pribor-3B meroka assault rifle

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    The famous 3 barrel assault rifle designed by G.A. Korobov. The purpose is to increase he accuracy/ROF and to provide 'minigun' type firepower by combining but suitable for a soldier to handle, The ammo supply was limited as it was magazine fed using standard AK47 type rounds. The weapon was effective but wasnt found practical as the recoil force was hard to control although its mechanisim formed the basis of the Nikonov AN94 Abakan. Cartridge ejection of the Pribor-3B was downwards BEHIND the magazine area.

    Personally, Id improve this weapon by making a front magazined version using either the 5.56NATO/5.7mm P90/4.6mm MP7 round as the recoil is less harsh alongside the magazine taking more rounds, Project SALVO also resulted any hand-held multi bbl weapon with a rifle calibre above 5.56mm is unsuitable for hand-held use. The Pribor-3B would be better off as a tripod mounted MG and a great 'Bargain Minigun' if anyone made a belt-feed device for it.
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    A mean looking weapon to both fire and receive.!
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    I don't see the point. As an individual weapon that is meant to be aimed and fired at an individual target, it would make more sense to have ammunition that was more effective in stopping the target rather than the target being hit by 3 lower powered rounds.

    You're also adding extra weight with having three barrels and a triple magazine. If that same weight was used to carry larger magazines it would make more sense.

    Completely stupid idea - probably why it was never followed up

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