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  1. GulfWarVet71 New Member

    This is me during an awning detail for the USo Tour making it's way through our ship taken during the first Gulf War 1991.

    This is H. Lawrence Garrett III speaking to our ship. He is standing on the "Wildcat" in my divisions area, so we are all pictured in the front row.
  2. Diptangshu Member

    If you have time please post more[if you want to share more of your moments with us].Not necessary, all should have to be good enough.

    Also requesting you to write those interesting incidents you came across during the days of '91.

    Thanks for the postings,I like these.
  3. GulfWarVet71 New Member

    I will most definitely post some more pictures when I can. I really have to rely on others photo's of me as I was not a good photo taker myself, back then. In fact, the photo's I took personally have all been lost or burned by my ex-wife most likely :mad:
  4. GulfWarVet71 New Member

    The following photo is a picture of the the ship I was on, USS Wisconsin, anchored in NY for Fleet Week. This was after we returned from the Gulf War. I was able to participate in the ticker tape parade held in NYC, that is a memory I will never forget.
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    This next photo is one that was taken during media day, not sure if it was during the war or after. The media presence in that theater was the first of it's kind. So I would not be surprised if this was a shell sent toward Saddam, though usually we were in General Quarters when we were commencing firing.
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    This one is pretty cool, if you look closely you will see the actual projectile leaving the barrel. This was during training ops firing the 16" 50. cal big guns. Quite impressive to witness these firing, the last of their kind and used numerous times during the Gulf War. We fired some 300+ rounds at Iraqi troop formations during the Gulf War at a maximum range of roughly 30 miles.
  7. GulfWarVet71 New Member

    The following is a picture of the ships awards, given through out the lifetime of the ship which was initially commissioned in 1944, in support of WWII.
  8. aghart Former Tank Commander

    Below, The instructors at the Gunnery Wing, Junior Leaders Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, Bovington Camp, Dorset,England in 1986. I am the centre person, rear rank.

    JLR Gunnery.jpg

    Below, Berlin, 1986, 4 Troop, A Squadron, 1st Royal Tank Regiment. I am 3rd on left, front rank
    berlin86.jpg bsqnfootptl77.jpg
    On foot patrol, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 1977.

    Below, UN tour Cyprus 1975.
  9. Diptangshu Member

    Your 3rd picture-post attracted me enough,even force me ask 'bout the details of that patroling.

    I think you won't mind to share me those essence of your life.
  10. Diptangshu Member

    After the posting my previous request,I thought you hardly keep it.Sorry I was wrong.I never mind to speak frankly,this photograph is one of my best[detailing/aperture] ,I've come across since last 6 months.

    Would you mind I 'm waiting[requesting] to see t t parade/NYC,obviously,if possible.Man don't take it otherwise.
  11. aghart Former Tank Commander

    That photo was taken on the outskirts of Londonderry, the edge of the "Shantallow" district was about 30 metres to the left. The 12 man patrols were made up of 3 "bricks" of 4 men, each brick moving independently so that any attackers could not be entirely sure where all 3 mini patrols were. One man is always watching the rear (me in my patrol). I spent 4 months not seeing where I was going but where I had been!
    We were fortunate, we suffered no fatalities and had only one man injured, he was shot in the leg but made a full recovery. He still has pieces of bullet in his leg today and sets off the metal detectors in any airport he goes to.

    The two photo's below were taken in the Shantallow, a republican area,

  12. Diptangshu Member

    Thanks a lot for particularly of these[Londonderry'77] postings.I'm highly fascinated with b/w photos.How was your interchange from infantry to tank regiment?
  13. aghart Former Tank Commander

    I was always in a tank regiment. We simply took our turn in operating in Northern Ireland in the infantry role. We went back on tanks as soon as we returned to Germany. Prior to deployment in Ireland, a team from 2nd Battalion The Light Infantry came to our barracks to refresh us in infantry tactics. We then went on the specialist Northern Ireland training package which trained us for our role in the province.
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    Sorry, I don't have any pictures from the ticker tape parade in NYC, though there are tons available on Google image search.
  15. Diptangshu Member

    No matter....anyway,whatever you posted earlier......just awesome.
  16. GulfWarVet71 New Member

    Thanks, really proud of having served on one of the last remaining battleships. At the time of my service however, I was tired and didn't care much about it. Now, having been 21 years since I've been out of the service, I am older and my view has changed considerably since then.
  17. GulfWarVet71 New Member

    Great pics there, it's always cool to see the pics of other countries military forces. Looks like you were in the service for quite some time there?

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