Photos of New Zealand Soldiers WW2.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Vincent Borg, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Vincent Borg

    Vincent Borg New Member

    Hello all,

    I am trying to find photos of New Zealand Soldiers WW2
    who are commemorated at the War Memorial in Malta.

    The photos below are missing from the Auckland Museum
    Cenotaph database.

    35 missing Photos WW2.

    Could anyone assist.


    Vincent Borg.
  2. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    Hi Vincent,

    Quite a task you have there after all this time. I collect photos of RAAF headstones and memorials however I would dread having to also get photos of the people.

    In Malta, I have 208 on the memorial and 26 buried there which I already have all the photos of.

    How many New Zealanders were you looking for initially?


  3. Vincent Borg

    Vincent Borg New Member

    Hello Geoff,

    Initially I was looking for 92 photos of soldiers WW2.
    Missing I have 35 photos of soldiers WW2 and
    Initially looking for 72 photos of soldiers WW1
    Missing I have 45 photos of soldiers WW1.

    If I manage to get the above I will
    cover all New Zealand Soldiers,
    buried or commemorated in Malta.

    I know it is very hard because a long
    time has passed, but with some assistance
    I think I shall be able to get out of the
    lane I found myself in my final research.

    Thanks and,

    Best Regards,

    Vincent Borg.
  4. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Hi Vincent !

    You probably know about this site already ... but just in case !! :)

    At Your Service / Stationed at Malta

    Also have you tried the Alexander Turnball Library

    Alexander Turnbull Library — National Library of New Zealand

    Annie :)
  5. Vincent Borg

    Vincent Borg New Member

    Hi Annie,

    I have tried both sites but with no luck,

    I even tried to contact Carol Spragg, with no answer to my e.Mails

    My last chance is from the New Zealand Newspaper "WEEKLY NEWS"
    Orbituary of the era and assistance from members of the forum
    who lives in New Zealand.

    Thanks for your assistance, much appreciated.

    Vincent Borg.
  6. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Well Vincent .. I found just one WW1 one ....... maybe you have it already but I'll post just in case !!

    2/567 Sergeant Allan Strawbridge
    Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Strawbridge
    Born 30 June 1891
    Enlisted 18 August 1914 in Cambridge
    New Zealand Field Artillery
    Died of Disease 27 December 1915
    Pieta Cemetery Malta

  7. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

    If you provide the names we will have a look around
  8. Vincent Borg

    Vincent Borg New Member

    Hello Annie,

    Thanks again but I have the photo of 2/567 Sergent Allan Strawbridge.

    Thanks for assisting.


    Vincent Borg
  9. Vincent Borg

    Vincent Borg New Member

    Hello Kyt,

    Now I am at the office, shall revert with the missing photos
    this evening.

    Thanks for your assistance,


    Vincent Borg.
  10. Vincent Borg

    Vincent Borg New Member

    Hello to all members of the forum,

    Following is the list of New Zealand Soldiers buried or commemorated in Malta which I have been searching for their photograph for quite a while now but the result was always in the negative.

    WW1- Service No- Date of Death

    Hall Stanley -7/498- (11-09-1915)
    Bridle Fred William -6/2395- (09-09-1915)
    Downes Albert -16/508- (09-09-1915)
    Temperley Christian Kerr -12/261- (03-09-1915)
    Scott John Edward -13/1056A- (04-09-1915)
    Thomson Alec Leslie -9/103- (08-09-1915)
    Stater Edwin William -8/1838- (02-09-1915)
    Frazer Robert McKinley -9/820- (04-09-1915)
    Matthews David -8/1800- (13-08-1915)
    Falder George Victor Wakefield -2/873- (27-07-1915)
    Quayle Angus David George -8/271- (03-08-1915)
    Larkins Alfred -8/891- (20-07-1915)
    Miles Arthur -8/600- (25-08-1915)
    Hourston John -9/710- (30-08-1915)
    Merrick John Joseph -12/2032- (24-08-1915)
    Vickers Edward Wright -10/2346- (25-08-1915)
    Lukey Frank William -6/1610- (20-08-1915)
    Brislane Michael Edward -7/533- (20-08-1915)
    Hulme James -10/1263- (22-08-1915)
    Harker John William -12/1653- (19-08-1915)
    Cammock William Rowland -10/1060- (16-08-1915)
    McIntosh Charles Bruce -8/970- (14-08-1915)
    Cameron John Stewart -13/567- (17-08-1915)
    Robinson Clifford Kossuth -7/1280- (08-12-1915)
    Shannon Ernest Arthur -8/2726- (02-12-1915)
    Vickers Frank Henry -4/222B- (31-05-1915)
    Gillespie Frank -8/2339- (01-08-1915)
    Beswick Albert Edward -3/834- (26-10-1915)
    Boyle William Gallagher -11/859- (04-08-1915)
    Marlow George Stanley -9/846- (12-09-1915)
    Wairau Ra -16/53- (11-09-1915)
    Hendle Ernest Alfred -2/1791- (18-09-1915)
    Sargisson Eric Tudway -11/820- (13-09-1915)
    Arnold Ronald -6/883- (18-09-1915)
    Bunn Horace -12/1572- (25-09-1915)
    Brown John Martin -2/1424A- (28-08-1915)
    Denniston Thomas Hillier -3/195- (28-07-1915)
    Settle Fred Warner -2/736- (03-07-1915)
    Adair Hugh -11/959- (03-10-1915)
    Keith-Murray Walter Herbert -6/1593- (27-06-1915)
    Wade David -10/1485- (03-07-1915)
    Black William -10/280- (02-10-1915)

    The above covers WW1 -

    WW2 to Follow on next page.
  11. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

  12. Vincent Borg

    Vincent Borg New Member


    Name - Service Number - Date of Death

    Craig Lincoln Leslie Arnold -411376-(07-11-1942)
    Donald Keith Langford -411070-(07-11-1942)
    Earney Herbert Henry -405371-(07-11-1942)
    Smith Edmund Patrick -403592-(05-04-1942)
    Wouldes Noel Francis -402234-(18-01-1942)
    Stewart Russel Redway -39946-(06-02-1942)
    Round Reginald Pearson -41360-(25-08-1942)
    Caldwell Walter Alexander -405229-(25-05-1942)
    Coakley Kenneth James -402852-(14-01-1942)
    Cameron Gordon Russell -403940-(06-02-1942)
    Henderson Denison Charles -405374-(21-11-1942)
    MacLean David Derek -411493-(11-10-1942)
    Webster Leo Clifford -405352-(21-11-1942)
    Cottrell Randall Tyrone -39993-(28-12-1942)
    Kelly Clarence Lloyd -39559-(08-08-1942)
    Lip-Guey William Herbert -411723-(11-11-1942)
    McConnell Jack Nock -405293-(15-06-1942)
    McLoad Matthew Leonard -411916-(02-08-1942)
    Roberts Henry -412269-(19-11-1942)
    Weaver Frank Stuart -404713-(03-07-1942)
    Wood Colin Lethbridge -412780-(30-07-1942)
    Moon Noel John -411926-(08-04-1943)
    Scrymgeour David Ross -414687-(19-04-1943)
    Baker Charles Grindle -412185-(08-07-1943)
    Milner Albert James -404083-(10-04-1943)
    Bowler Frederick Nelson -413733-(27-08-1943)
    Cottrell Spence Grainger -412208-(22-04-1943)
    Hornung Walter -405275-(10-04-1943)
    Miles Richard George -41925-(27-06-1943)
    Rimmer Thomas Blundel -415020-(15-05-1943)
    Bamford Richmond Dean -413012-(08-01-1944)
    Whitaker Leslie Thomas -411483-(22-08-1944)
    Jeffares Brian Charlton -416499-(21-10-1944)
    Knight William Arthur Dugald A. -42650-(27-08-1944)
    Leslie Colin Richard -42821-(25-09-1944)
    Jay Walter Edward -425397-(25-06-1945)

    Finally the end.

    Honestly I feel that it is my obligation that, apart from individual photographs of their Tomstones, Memorials and research I have completed, I should keep on trying to put a face to the fallen to be dearly loved and forever remembered by our generation and future ones.

    Whilst I take the opportunity to thank you all in anticipation for your assistance.

    Best Regards,

    Vincent Borg.
  13. Vincent Borg

    Vincent Borg New Member

    Hello Annie,

    Got one from that site.


    Vincent Borg
  14. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

    Graig Lincoln Leslie Arnold -411376-(07-11-1942)

    Should be Lincoln Leslie Arnold Craig of 104 Squadron.
  15. Vincent Borg

    Vincent Borg New Member

    Hello Kyt,

    You are right - typing Error,


  16. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

    There seems to be some anomaly with Jay Walter Edward -425397-(25-06-1945). Though the CWGC etc gives his death as above, the actual aircraft he was in, Mosquito KB531, crashed on the 26th, killing him and WILLIS, HENRY CLAUDE
  17. Vincent Borg

    Vincent Borg New Member

    Hello Kyt

    The information there is on both the CWGC database and the
    Auckland War Memorial Museum Cenotaph refers to Jay Walter Edward
    death being on Monday 25th June, 1945.


    Vincent Borg.
  18. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

    Hi Vicent

    I agree that the dates given on the CWGC etc are as you stated. However, it is definate that they were killed in Mosquito KB531, as stated in Cummings' The Price of Peace which gives their names and quite detailed info on the cause of the crash. Both Cummings and The Mosquito File state that the aircraft crashed on the 26th. So I wonder why the anomoly?
  19. Vincent Borg

    Vincent Borg New Member

    Hello Kyt,

    In my research on Merchant Navy (WW1) I got used to get such descrepancies. In this particular case I made a foot note in Jay Walter Edward and Henry Claude Willis respective write up quoting all details
    submitted by your goodself.

    Whilst thanking you again for your assistance,

    Best Regards,

    Vincent Borg.
  20. Brian S

    Brian S Guest


    Hi Kyt,
    the C.W.G.C. works on information given by the branch of Service.

    If at the time of recording death there were no witnesses to the incident with information,the D.O.D. is given as the last date seen alive.

    Perhaps further information was available at a later date and C.W.G.C. not informed.

    One of my projects gave enough information for 800 or so alterations to be made,but not until 1996.

    Perhaps the anomoly should be put in writing to C.W.G.C.

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