Ottoman Treatment of Allied Prisoners

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    Now heres a subject we don't talk about too much .... but I came across this and thought it maybe of interest !! As it's a subject I know nothing about - I thought it was very thought provoking ... we all have our own opinions of course ... but it's good to keep an open mind and read different points of view !!

    Annie :)

    1916_Neutral medical mission to Turkey

    1916_Prisoners of war in Turkey

    1917_Prisoner of War camps in Turkey

    1917_Prisoners of War - Agreements with Turkey

    1917_Prisoners of War in Turkey

    1917_Prisoners of War-Australians Captured in Turkey

    1918_Mortality among Prisoners of War in Turkey

    1919_Foster-Two and a Half Years Prisoner of War in Turkey

    1919_Prisoners of War in Turkey

    The man who wrote this - has a blog ... that may take you further .... very interesting ! ... id=1106539

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