New Photos Found in France

Discussion in 'World War 1' started by spof, May 23, 2009.

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    Thanks for the advice and link - fascinating!

  3. liverpool annie

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    Oh Glen ! ..... you're right .... a treasure trove !! :D

    I just spent over an hour looking through them ...... terrific stuff .... I'd love to find out more !! lots of Royal Artillery there .... you can see the strain in some of the faces too can't you ? God Bless them ... I wonder how many came home ?

    Annie :)
  4. spof

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    I wonder if any were at Fromelles? It was mostly OBLI, Glosters and Warks men there.

  5. liverpool annie

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    Wonder if we could find out where the photos were taken .... maybe a thread on RC "where is this place" ?? :confused: you never know somebody might recognise it .... even put a thread here .... though we don't have so many people to look at them !

    Looks to me like it was a farm or somewhere .... probably where they went to billet after the trenches .... so it could be anywhere really !! :( .... it would be cool if it was Fromelles .... no Aussies though !!!!! I'm sure they would have wanted their photos taken too !!

    Still a wonderful find of photos .... it would be lovely to identify them !
  6. liverpool annie

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    For some reason ... I love this picture !! :)

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  7. Buster

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    Some excellent pictures.. Very thought evoking.

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