New Jersey in the Revolutionary War

Discussion in 'Revolutionary War' started by The General, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. The General

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    Can anyone recommend a good book on New Jersey in the Revolutionary War for me? I want to cover things like the retreat from New York, Morristown, Monmouth, and some of the other actions that took place in the Garden State, and I'm not having a great deal of success identifying one.


  2. Pamela Jo

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    I know of a few books which you might find to be of interest:

    "New Jersey and the Revolutionary War" by Alfred Hoyt Bill

    "A Guide to New Jersey's Revolutionary War Trail for Families and History Buffs" by Mark Di Ionno

    "New Jersey in the American Revolution" by Barbara J. Mitnick

    "The Revolutionary War Journal of Joseph Bloomfield" edited by Mark E. Lender & James Kirby Martin

    There's also interesting info on the website for the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton:

    I hope some of these sources are helpful!

  3. The General

    The General New Member

    Thanks, Pam. That's just the sort of information I was looking for.

  4. AmandaLynn

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    Hi Eric,

    I don't know how specific you need to get, but "Washington's Crossing" by David Hackett Fischer has excellent material on the plight of New Jersey during the Revolution.

  5. AmandaLynn

    AmandaLynn New Member

    Hey Eric,

    I was just at the visitor's center at Washington Crossing, PA today and they have Barbara Mitnick's book, "New Jersey in the American Revolution",  for sale there.


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