New Britain & Papua Campaign - Japanese Perspective

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    This a 241 page report (so will take to download) from the Japanese Perspective. Books from their perspective are relatively rare, and so this is well worth a read

    Japanese Army Operations in the South Pacific Area: Nrew Britain and Papua Campaign 1942-42

    Translator’s introduction

    Chapter 1. Offensive operations against Rabaul and surrounding strategic areas
    Strategic issues concerning Rabaul
    Basic preparations for the offensive
    Geographical description of Rabaul and Allied forces dispositions
    Operational preparations
    The offensive
    The conclusion of fighting
    Consequences of the capture of Rabaul

    Chapter 2. The advance to the Solomon Islands and eastern New Guinea
    Operational plan by Imperial Headquarters
    Offensive operations in Lae and Salamaua
    Occupation of strategic areas in the northern Solomon Islands and Admiralty Islands by the 4th Fleet
    The emergence of an air war of attrition
    Sea-route invasion of Port Moresby
    Outline of the naval battle of the Coral Sea

    Chapter 3. Planning and cancellation of the United States–Australia blockade operation
    Imperial Headquarters’ conception of stage two operations
    Preparations for the FS Operation by Imperial Headquarters
    Formation of the 17th Army
    Cancellation of the FS Operation

    Chapter 4. Commencement of the overland-route offensive on Port Moresby
    Ri Operation Study
    Transition to the advance by land
    Formation and dispositions of the 8th Fleet
    Operations of the 25th Air Flotilla
    Plans of Imperial Headquarters in early August

    Chapter 5. Thrust through the Owen Stanley Range and the offensive operations at Rabi
    Landing at Buna by the main strength of the South Seas Force
    Thrust through the Owen Stanley Range
    Offensive operations at Rabi
    Allied preparations for counter-offensives in New Guinea
    Retreat of the South Seas Force
    Leadership by Imperial Headquarters

    Chapter 6. Retreat to Buna
    The fighting withdrawal of the South Seas Force
    The Allied counter-offensive

    Chapter 7. Commencement of command of the 18th Army
    The struggle to hold Buna, and its consequences

    Chapter 8. Withdrawal operations from the Buna area
    Withdrawal from north and south Giruwa
    Various issues raised by the withdrawal from Giruwa
    End of the Buna force


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