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    Heres a site that maybe of interest to all you aviation buffs ....... :) I just chose the WW1 section .... but theres plenty there to see !!

    It is a time of invention and intensity. Mankind is racing skyward and two brothers from Dayton, Ohio are leading the way. The age of early flight is fraught with innovation and failure. The sky is a harsh mistress…and many men die attempting to tame her. Women, too, are drawn to the siren's song of flight. The laws of physics don't care about gender; they recognize only skill, audacity and persistence. Side by side, the men and women of Early Flight willingly shoulder the risks and harness the potential. Dreams become reality...and reality is redefined daily! It is an exciting time, as America gazes skyward and finds its place among the clouds.

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    Thanks, useful site - I've put it in "Favourites"; may even get round to reading it sometime!

    I nearly burst a blood vessel when I saw that Anthony Fokker was in the US aviation hall of fame - I mean, wasn't he on the other side and wasn't his invention responsible for killing a lot of Americans? I know the Americans are heavily into German aviation, as one can tell from the website that came out as asterisks when I typed it, but this is ridiculous!

    However, I cooled down somewhat when I read on and remembered that in the 20s and 30s Fokker played a large part in the development of civil aviation in the USA, including designing the aircraft in which Byrd and Bennett first flew over the North Pole. So long as von Richthofen doesn't get inducted into the Hall of Fame....but I don't think he killed any Americans, only British.

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