Myth of 'humane' Rommel debunked

Discussion in 'Biographies' started by Kyt, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Kyt

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    Why aren't I surprised? Seems to be that Rommel ahs been eulogised just because he got caught up in the anti-Hitler plot. Personally I've never thought that was enough to rehabilitate him for being an active Nazi.

    Myth of 'humane' Nazi Erwin Rommel debunked - Telegraph

    The real Rommel: Enduring myth of the decent Nazi is debunked | Mail Online

  2. liverpool annie

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    My Father in Law was a Desert Rat .... and he always said he admired Rommel ... because he was a good soldier ...... and smart !! .... I won't say what he said about Monty !! :doh:

  3. Kyt

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    Oh, I would love to hear what he said about Monty. That's another myth that needs bursting - it is always claimed that he was loved by all his troops etc etc etc
  4. liverpool annie

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    I hardly think so !!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin1:
  5. Kyt

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    Such a tease Annie...come on, spill the beans ;)
  6. liverpool annie

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    I think the last sentence here speaks volumes !!

    Decision in Normandy (Penguin Classics): Carlo D'Este: Books
  7. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    They were scruffy - dirty from smoke of petrol fires - and not a bit like soldiers ! most of them harden desert rats - having fought in the Palestine Army .... Desert .... Italy and France .... some of them old enough to be your Father and all Londoners !! ....................

    Ernie huntley
  8. spidge

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    Thanks Annie,

    I enjoyed reading that!
  9. Reportedly, when Montgomery was asked who the three greatest generals in history were, he answered, "Well, the other two were Napoleon and Alexander the Great!"

    As for the Rommel myth, remember that anyone can cherry-pick events and facts - some totally out of context - from any famous person's life. However, I would like to see the exhibit and better glean the context of these bits of evidence.

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