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    I am Robert Hornby (Bob) and served my apprenticeship with the Bristol Aeroplane Company, in both Lancashire and Filton Bristol,working on the Bristol Hercules and Centaurus Engines from 1941 to 1944, also on Beaufighters and Swordfish. 1944 I joined the RAF, (RAFVR) and was Instrument Rep, served at RAF LIndholme on Lancasters, then posted to RAF 617 Squadron, Scampton, (Lancasters) then Squadron was re-equiped with the AVRO Lincoln, and we moved to RAF Binbrook, Grimsby, and formed RAF 617 Squadrons Goodwill Mission to the USA/Canada, July/Sept 1947. I have written the History of that Goodwill Tour, and it is available if anyone is interested, more especially those who served with that mission, or their relatives/friends. I have managed to contact 14 survivors, with whom I am in contact. Thereafter I did various engineering jobs, and ended my working life at Heathrow Airport.

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    G'day Bob,

    Welcome to the forum. We all look forward to hearing about your first hand experience!


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    Welcome Bob.

    Look forward to hearing more about your interesting life.
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    Bob, welcome to our forum. It is indeed an honour.

    I know the Filton site, as I currently live in Clifton. You must have arrived after the big 1940 raid.

    And Kitty will be very pleased to meet someone associated with 617 Squadron.
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    A pleasure to have you on board, Bob. We would be very interested in learning more about the Goodwill Tour and your service.
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    Welcome aboard, Bob, glad to have you here.
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    617 Goodwill 1947

    Kitty; 10683 617

    If you would like to see reference to the history of the Goodwill Tour of which I was a small part then might I suggest you log on to the following:-

    Select hub site

    Once into the site, click on the Squadron badge and follow the legend (left screen)

    You will see a photograph of myself as a 21 year old airman and one of myself taken when I was 77 years old (now 81 years)

    One Senior Navigator on the tour, with whom I am in contact, and who now lives in Sorrento, Vancouver, Canada, aged 84 years, was one of the original Pathfinder Navigators on the Peenemunda Raids, in WW2, and Ken is as lively as ever.

    Best Wishes

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    Hi Bobert

    Did you happen to know F/O Nicky Ross? I've just bought a nice little sketch of a Lanc signed by him. I know the details of his missions through the 617 ORB. But it is always nice to hear any anecdotes about the chaps. And I bet Kitty will be asking about the many names she has on her prints.
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    Thank You for your very warm welcome to this Forum. WW2

    I lived in Bristol/Bath for the larger part of my life, and all my children/grandchildren/great grandchildren live in the Bristol/Bath area.
    I have many happy memories of the Clifton district, and two of my best friends still live near the Downs.
    I moved to Datchet village, Windsor, when I was employed at Heathrow Airport, and when I retired I moved back to my birthplace in the Ribble valley.
    The war years hold many horrible memories, and many lovely memories, and one has to remember the apprentices at the Bristol Aeroplane Co, Filton, Bristol, who in the German air raids in 1940, lost their lives, when the air raid shelter they occupied, was completely destroyed, I fortuneately did not arrive until 1941, but it was still quite hair raising at times.
    Thank you once again for your greeting.

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    Also noticed on the site a piece on

    Special Operations Executive
    S O E 1940-1945
    French Section

    Has a listing of names and code names.
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    Hellooooooooooooooo Bob! ;)

    I need to find £12......

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