Medical archives and manuscript survey (MAMS)

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    The Medical Archives and Manuscripts Survey exists to gather information about all types of medical records dating from between 1600 and 1945.

    At present the project holds information on repositories in Greater London: over 100 have been surveyed. The results can be examined on this website.

    Readers should always contact a repository before visiting, in order to ascertain the access conditions that may apply to archive and manuscript material.

    Contact details for repositories may change. The National Archives maintains a database, called Archon

    of up-to-date contact information for archive repositories in the United Kingdom. You are advised to check this before getting in touch with a repository about any material listed in this survey.

    It is intended that the project should next be extended to cover material held in the rest of the UK. Some preliminary work has been done on repositories outside London and although the data is still in a raw state Wellcome Library staff may be consulted about it. Researchers wishing to find out if any data is held about medical records in a repository outside London should contact the Library's Archives and Manuscripts department: archs+mss[at]
    ( substitute @ for [at] )

    The survey locates any papers with a bearing upon health and illness: in addition to the records of medical practice and also broader issues such as nutrition, sewage disposal, water supply and the disposal of the dead. Researchers interested in hospital records are advised to consult the hospital database maintained by the Wellcome Library and National Archives first.
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    Further to Annie's post, members interested in original documents concerning the medical history of
    WW1 can either contact me at or refer to the medical history of WW1 section of the WW1 Archives at
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    I wonder if any records exist of volunteers or nursing aids that worked in hospitals in the UK in WW1, my Father in law was at NZGH#2 at Walton on Thames for near 2 years and had a relationship with a young lady.
    We have a photo (several) one with her in what looks like a smock over her civilian clothes, she appears to be wearing a medal, that has been suggested is a YWCA badge.
    We have a photo of a large number of soldiers and others taken at Walton and the young lady is identified in the photo and in civilian dress.
    Sadly while we know her first name, Norah, we do not have her surname.
    I know it is a long shot but worth a try, Mike

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