Marines and Sailor Slain in Tennessee

Discussion in 'Other Conflicts' started by thomas pendrake, Jul 18, 2015.

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    On the 16th of this month (July 2015) a lone gunman of Arabic descent shot and killed 4 marines and 1 sailor in Chattanooga, TN. The man attacked two facilities about 7 miles apart. The first facility was a recruiting facility (where no one was killed), and the second was a reserve support facility.

    The shooter (who also died) was a young man who had been totally a well adjusted, thoroughly Americanized young man. He seemed to have had some sort of crises very recently. As investigators have been trying to understand why he committed this crime they have become aware that he was abused by his father and may have just recently been exposed to radical Islamicist concepts.

    It is not yet clear if he is an example of the feared "lone wolf" terrorist or just a young person who snapped and focused on current events. Anyway, lets see where this goes. Someone grab the baton and run with it.
  2. Interrogator#6

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    Is this the end of civil liberties in America?

    I just heard the daily News and two items stood out. One dealt with a development in Indiana where National Guardsmen are now to be routinely allowed to wear sidearms while on duty in uniform in order to counter 'domestic terrorism'. There is additionally, initially, that such persons also be licenced to "conceal-carry", but I suspect this might soon change.

    This seems to only be the first step to the death of Possie Comentatus (sorry, mispelled)(the legal notion that army & police should not be blended). Are we to see, at least in Indiana, the national guard assuming police duties? Then is a huge step to see martial law?
  3. I heard about the shootings on the news, it is so sad. They even posted the last text messages from one marine to his girlfriend, the last one being "ACTIVE SHOOTER!". What has also caught my attention is the recent attacks on paramedics and firefighters at emergency scenes. From stabbing to shooting and it has gotten to the point where they need to wear protective vests under their bunker gear to be safe. You could say I have a bit of a biased opinion as I am a firefighter from Canada but I couldn't imagine what my brothers down in the US are going through right now. We have enough deaths of firefighters just doing our jobs let alone some nut job coming to shoot or stab us.
  4. Interrogator#6

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    It is extremely difficult to guard against a single motivated person who is willing to forfeit their own life.

    My resources are limited, but to my knowledge the recent shooter was acting alone. May I be the first to mention the circumstances do bear circumstantial resemblences to warnings posted earlier.
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    I firmly believe that a Muslim can get angry and murder people without it being religiously motivated. I don't know his reasons. But people were awfully quick to call it Islamic terrorism..
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    Yes, the media is quick to play the "Islamic Terrorist" card while almost never do we hear "Christian Terrorist" mentioned. It is almost as if there is a pattern here.
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    The uni bomber and Timothy McVeigh were Christians. But, like you said, no one mentioned it.
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    Of course the media isn't going to mention the fact that Christian terrorist are Christians. This country was built on Christianity, but we supposedly have the freedom of religion. Christian terrorist aren't what's in right now, so telling the American people that they are Christians is irrelevant to the story, but saying that the terrorist is Islamic makes the story juicier. In case you can't tell I don't agree with their tactics, but it is what they do. I am a Christian, but I can see through crap like everybody else.

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