Major Mariam al-Mansouri

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    One of the highlights of the war against ISIS has been the choice by the UAE to have a female fighter pilot, Major Marian al-Mansouri, lead an attack against ISIS in Syria. Not only did she attack the terrorists, but she commanded the group (the rest men). And the UAE government has flaunted it. Even better, she's pretty, and her face is not hidden from view. Of course, a couple of jerks from Fox Views mocked her in front of the female journalists who reported it. Anyway, I hope they decide to send her to bomb some Taliban as well. Bombs and Psychological warfare combined!!!
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    May I ask why you feel the need to mention (twice now in different posts) that she's "pretty?" If you can explain what THAT has to do with her bravery or her skills, I'd love to hear it. Would this even be a post if she'd be homely or downright ugly?

    I realize there aren't many other female posters here at the forum, so I may not have a lot of support in this, but I do have to say that it's an offensive statement. Seriously... I would NEVER consider posting a post about a war hero who's male and say "Even better, he's a handsome hunk." Like what the heck does THAT have to do with anything?

    I'd better stop. Before I *really* state my views on sexism. :mad:
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    As I stated elsewhere, the comment on her looks was because of the attitude of the ISIS fanatics with regard to women. Her own country people made an issue of it knowing and understanding the mind-set of ISIS. I am sorry that you missed that concept, and hope that you have been able to realize the reason that I mentioned it. I was inspired by the fact that the UAE use a female pilot before I saw a picture of her and realized that she was in a command position.
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    I just noticed an article from ALJAZEERA in which a probably Muslim female journalist complained about the way the UAE made an issue over the "pretty" female pilot. She wanted to mention that other Muslim women also had notable achievements and it wasn't so bad being a Muslim woman in most Muslim countries. I guess she forgets that many women do not come from wealthy or middle class families. She does understand that the people in the UAE thought it would be a particular blow to the ego of ISIS members. She just takes exception to it.
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