Major General Maurice Rose USA.

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    I have been reading about Rose in Harry Yeide's book " The Tank Killers " ( a truly rubbish book not worth buying ).

    Both this book and Rose's Wikipedia entry advise that Rose was shot dead when captured. this is because he appeared to be resisting capture by pulling his pistol out of its holster. His Wikipedia entry states that afterwards well over one hundred Germans were executed for his being shot. Given that he appeared to be resisting capture, his being shot was, of course, a legitimate act of war on the part of the Germans, yet the execution of innocent Germans was an atrocity on a par with the numerous mass executions committed, for instance, by the S.S. elsewhere. How does this sit with the War Trials of German soldiers for lesser actions ?

    By the way, he was captured when his lightly armoured column was ambushed by several Tiger tanks, one of which pinned his Jeep to a tree and the tank commander covered Rose and others with his Schmeisser. Incidentally, Rose, although well into enemy lines, was carrying sensitive and secret documentation. All in all, his actions were surely stupid, futile and idiotic ?
    Can anyone add to this incident ?

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