Looking for my g-grandfather mentioned in dispatches

Discussion in 'Looking for someone' started by Searching123, May 4, 2012.

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    I wonder if anyone can help me in my search please. My great grandfather received the victory medal and British medal for his services in WW1 in the medical corps. We have a certifictate which congratulates him on behalf of the king for being mentioned in Sir Douglas Haig's dispatches on 7 November 1917. I have searched the dispatches on a website I found, but could find no mention in there, I think that is fairly normal as people were rarely named. I have also looked in the London Gazette archives but also cannot find him mentioned in the supplements for that date or any around it.

    I am confused! Is there anything that I am missing that could explain this? We have such specific references that I felt sure I could find him and hoped to find out what he did to be awarded the medals.:confused:

    His name was Alfred Carter, he was a Pte in RAMC. Please help!
  2. forester

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    You don't give his service number and there are several Alfred Carters in the RAMC, but assuming that he is Carter No. 92353 Private A., then he is in the Supplement to the London Gazette, 24th December 1917, Page 13485. Issue 30445, published 21st December 1917.

  3. Searching123

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    Thanks Phil. You are a genius! That is him, he was no 92353! You obviously know your way around the records really well.

    I guess that we'll never know exactly what he did to be awarded his medals as the supplements are just long lists of individuals but at least we can read the relevant section of the despatches and now also see that he was listed.

    Huge thanks for your help! :)
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    Do you have his military record? If you check ancestry.com there are several Alfred Carters listed on there. You can get a subscripition for a free months trial and then cancel it before you start paying, that will allow you to check to see if his record is amongst the burnt series.

  5. Searching123

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    Thank you Sniper. I did take a look on Ancestry, ans as you said there are a few Alfred Carters. Is there a knack to finding the right one, I tried to put his number in the search but that did not seem to work. Is it just trial and error, looking through to find the right one? Thanks for your help Sniper.
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    Just a thought here. I don't thik you will find his record either at Kew or on ancestry. As he did not leave the service until the 1950's his record would still be with the MOD. The only way you can get a copy of it now is if you are his now nwxt of kin or you can get his next of kin to apply for them. It takes several months to go through the process as there are only about two people working in the department and will cost you around £45. They do have a website where you can apply for the record but its easier if you go to the MOD website and follow the links. It came to me after i switched off the computer last night that this is the way you would have to go to get his records now.


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