Looking for info on William T Redwood (Royal Field Artillery)

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    I am new to this forum and involved in family research. I am looking for some more information about William T Redwood who served with the Royal Field Artillery during the Great War, his regiment numbers were, 1612 & 825444. He is listed as a driver.
    I would like to find out which conflicts and battles he may had been with, where he may had been stationed and what brigade he was in? The roll he would had played as a driver? He suffered from a gas attack and that affected him for the rest of his life, any information on gas attacks, its effects etc? Any other information about the Royal Field Artillery and war diaries would be much appreciated.
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    Hi Stewart,

    Welcome to the forum and i'm sure that we maybe able to help you find out more about William T Redwood and his unit history. Have you tried to find his military records which would be in the burnt files at Kew. This would give you a lot of information about the man himself. The RFA served all over the front and without his unit number we will have trouble tracking down where he served and the battles he was involved in. If you can give me a couple of days i will see what i have on gas attacks and where we can find the war diaries.

    Again welcome to the forum and please do have a look around the forum and join in with some of the chat.

    Sniper [Mike]
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    Hi Mike

    I searched on Ancestry.com and found his service records, his regiment is listed as 1st South Midland (Glosters), if that helps matters and any info on their role would be much appreciated. On his Casualty form it states 'granted class 1 profiency' 'pay from 3.6.16, any clues to that? He thus proceeded to Italy in Nov 1917. His medal cards states 'R.7.a/144 (TF) 8903' and 1st R.F.A/22atb 2871', any clues to those please? Thanks for your help.


    p.s. Just edited this post, found out he was with 240 Brigade RFA (TF), disembarked Le Havre 30/3/1915, and that corresponds with his service record.
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    Hi Stewart,

    That gives us something to work on. I will follow this up tomorrow and see what i can find out for you.

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    Hi Stewart,

    Just been checking a few things out and found that the war diaries for his unit can be found at Kew. Here is the reference number which will help you track them down.
    WO 95/2749 240 South Midland Brigade Royal Field Artillery 1915 Apr. - 1917 Oct.

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    You need to find a copy of An Outline of the War History of the 240th (1st South Midland: Gloucestershire) Brigade R.F.A. (T) by F S Gedye. I have attached a scan of the last page of the book that gives a detailed itinerary of the Brigade during the Great War.

    Gunner 1 Itinerary 240 Bde, RFA.jpeg

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