Longest Naval Battle in History

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    From 30 October 1914 until 11 July 1915 - 255 days - a battle took place between ships from the German and British Navies.


    The SMS Königsberg, German destroyer, escaped out into the Indian Ocean before it could be bottled up by the British when the war started. It spent some time attempting to stay supplied while looking for enemy ships to raid. The Germans came across the British merchant ship The City of Winchester and took what they wanted; despite being low on coal they did not take the coal from the British vessel, it was inferior Bombay coal that could affect the ship’s engines. Luckily the Königsberg met with the German supply ship Somalia. (Farwell 130-131)

    In September 1914 Captain Loof of the Königsberg learned that the British warship Pegasus was being repaired at Zanzibar’s harbor. He immediately went out to destroy the enemy vessel. The attack was a complete success, and during the escape form the waters around Zanzibar the Germans also destroyed the picket ship Helmut. (Farwell 132-133)

    After this raid the British increased their attempts to hunt down the Königsberg and destroy her. Captain Loof hid his ship in down the rivers of the Rufiji Delta. He camouflaged his ship and made other preparations. He hoped to make some repairs to his ship and then slip back out to sea to continue his raids. The British found their hiding spot first.

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    An intriguing story from a now distant past !

    And a bit more ....

    The Rafiji Air Force vrs. the Konigsberg
    The Cuckoo

    The SMS Konigsberg represented a fearful concept to the maritime nations of the world. Displacing 3,400 tons, laying 126 yards long, carrying two torpedo tubes, two 88mm guns and ten 105mm ones, she was designed to be a shark among little fish. The allies called it commerce raiding. The Germans, Kreuzerkrieg.
    No effort could be spared to run the Konigsberg to ground.


    Light Cruiser SMS Konigsberg - A World War 1 German East African Raider

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    Yet another thought provoking post Annie.

    A picture of SMS Konigsberg.


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    I love these pictures Cally ! ... thank you !

    Annie :)

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