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    Can anyone recommend a good text and/or documentary on the Italian contribution during the Battle of Britain? The Corpo Aereo Italiano participated in the closing months of the battle with limited success. Still, it is an interesting part of history.

    Thanks all.
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    In my readings regarding BB I have found little or nothing regarding Italian contribution to either the British or German cause. I know there was some mention of the breaking of Italian airforce Enigma at Bletchley Park, but that was circa 42-43.
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    From what little I've read, the Italians were totally outclassed by British fighters and their success was pretty limited. Fiat CR.42 biplanes, Fiat G.50 monoplanes, and Fiat BR.20 bombers were flown by the Italians. The unit was withdrawn in fairly short order. Still, those footnotes in history are interesting. At least I find them so.
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    This time I'm not talking much instead giving some clues .... * SS Arandora Star and ** Italians in Scotland.
    For the first one, you MUST know these!
    I know one obviously 'll Point out regarding those two 'stars' but still its my openion that these had 'some' connections/impacts, in broad/wide sense for the BoB (may be I'm incorrect).
    Thanks to all of you ..
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    An Italian Fiat BR20 Bomber was shot down by Hurricanes from RAF Martlesham, Suffolk, on 11th November 1940. Also a Fiat CR42 Bi-plane was shot down, though no date given. There is a report that an Italian plane was brought down by Propeller alone in an air raid on Suffolk, the incident being recorded in the Martlesham logbook.

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