Italian Battleship Roma

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    Launched in June, 1940. Sunk in Sept 1943. The ship's final battle comes with an interesting story, does anyone know it?
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    King Victor Emanuel III approved and signed an Armistice between Italy and Allied armed forces in 3rd Sep'43.So the Italian fleet was sailing to Malta to surrender,instead of attacking Allieds' approaching Salerno. This enraged Axis.

    On 9th,Luftwaffe's Kampfgeschwader[Kg] 100 armed with their first[in military history] precision guided missiles,attacked RN Roma. Its superstructure easily caught in sight at the Strait of Bonifacio.Now eleven Dornier Do 217 bombers who were on vigilance of the Strait,released two SD-1400Fx ordinances towards Roma.

    Though RN Roma was heavily armourd and strong enough to withstand depth charges/torpedoes etc..still two massive blows sank her.The first bomb went through[amidships] and exploded nearby keel;second one at turret B,and as magazine of B turret detonated,simply blew it off and foundered at sea bed.

    About 1500[not sure]on board along with Admiral Bergamini unable to survive[9th Sep'43].
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    Thank you, it took some digging but I belive you are right in the attack on this ship

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