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    Hi, my name is Jon and I found my way here through a Google search. I have always been interested in the history of World War 2, especially the Pacific Carrier battles. Which led me to 11 years of service in the U.S Navy. Which included one deployment to the Med in the summer of 1993, during which most of our time was spent off the coast of the former Yugoslavia.
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    Welcome to the forum Jawbone. Happy posting.
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    Welcome Jon, I hope you enjoy your time on this site
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    Howdy Jawbone/Jon,enjoy!
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    Welcome and enjoy !!!
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    Welcome Jon,

    Look forward to some interesting posts.

    We could say the Battle of the Coral Sea started it all with carrier actions and gave them all an education of what was to come.
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    Welcome to the forum Jon
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    Hello Jon and welcome.
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    Welcome aboard, Jon, hope you enjoy it here. We don't have a lot of discussion re the Pacific carrier battles on here so I'm looking forward to your comments on current threads and any new subjects you might want to start up.

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